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The Ultimate Guide of Fun Things to Do with Kids Near You!

The Ultimate Guide of Fun Things to Do with Kids Near You!

Do you love to explore with your kids? Do you ever find yourself asking, what are the fun things to do with kids near me? Trekaroo has a team of writers who have put in hundred of hours exploring and writing all across America. As a result, we have compiled dozens of articles filled with things to do with kids. 

We have combed California’s sunny beaches and Maine’s rocky coast. We roamed the deserts of Arizona and Nevada and paddled the lakes of Michigan. We have covered big city attractions and National Park adventures. From the swamp lands of the South to the waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest, here are your top things to do with kids near you.

Fun Things to do with Kids Near Me!

Things to do with Kids Near Me on the West Coast and the Pacific

things to do with kids near me on the West Coast

The West Coast is where Trekaroo calls home and I am happy to report that there are lots of fun things to do near me!

Whether you are visiting a beach town in Southern California, exploring one of Northern California’s big cities, discovering all the fun up in the Pacific Northwest, planning an epic Alaskan vacation, or planning a tropical escape in Hawaii, we have you covered!

10 FUN Things to do in Seattle with Kids

From famous markets and buildings to top-notch museums and famous waterfront, the Seattle will surely capture your family’s heart. There is so much to do and see, it’s a challenge to pick the best, but we’ve done it. Here are the top 10 things for families to do in Seattle.

Surf City, USA: 8 Fun Things to Do in Huntington Beach with Kids

Sitting on a 8.5 mile stretch of coastline, Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA, is Southern California’s quintessential beach town. With its miles of wide sandy beaches, classic surf culture, and over 300 days of sunshine a year, it’s the city that people from all of the world come in search of on their quest to find the California of their imagination. Once your family arrives in Surf City, what will you find to do? Well besides shopping, sun bathing, and eating classic California cuisine, there are plenty of great activities to keep everyone busy all day long. Here are 8 suggestions on what to do while hangin’ in HB.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the Mountain States

things to do with kids near me in the Mountain States

The mountain states make for some great family adventures. There are so many great national parks to visit as well mountain escapes and urban adventures. Check out things to do with kids in Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the Southwest and Texas

Things to do with kids in the Southwest

The Southwest is one of my favorite regions of the United States to explore. It is home to beautiful deserts, rugged mountains, great cities and some fantastic national parks.

Texas has several great cities to explore and Arizona is a top Spring Break destination for families. And let’s not forget Vegas, baby, Vegas! Here are things to do with kids in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

Over 30 of the Best Things to do in Arizona with Kids

Most people who have never been to Arizona probably only know it for two things- cacti and the Grand Canyon. While both of these things are central to Arizona’s identity, the state offers so much more to families looking to explore. Arizona is full of diverse natural beauty, fun urban attractions, and some fantastic family-friendly resorts. Here are our picks for the top ten things for families to do in Arizona.

Top 10 FUN Things to Do in Texas with kids!

Howdy y’all! Have you heard the moniker, “everything’s bigger in Texas?” Well it’s true. When I think of Texas, I think big! Biggest continental state, big scenery, big art galleries, big belt buckles, and big fun for families! From Big Tex to big canyons, Texas is a mecca for family fun in a BIG way.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the Midwest

The Ultimate Guide of Fun Things to Do with Kids Near You! 96

The Midwest is a diverse landscape that sometimes gets overlooked by family vacation-goer, but shouldn’t! From the Black Hills of South Dakota to the beaches of the Great Lakes and everywhere in between, there are tons of things to do with kids in the Midwest!

Explore North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

Over 25 Fun Things to do in Wisconsin with Kids

Wisconsin is the quintessential Midwestern state with a boat load of variety to boot. With shoreline on two of the Great Lakes, some pretty rocking metropolitan areas, a waterpark bonanza, and a legacy of farming and agriculture, Wisconsin offers a medley of attractions for families to enjoy. Gear up with your fishing pole and grab some cheese for a fantastic tour.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the Gulf States

things to do with kids in the Gulf States

The Gulf Region has long been a haven for families in search of warm weather and sugar sand beaches. Louisiana is home magnificent Cajun culture and some of the best food and fun in the country. Mississippi and Alabama have great beach towns and plenty of Southern Charm.

And then there is Florida- the number one family travel destination in the country. Beaches and theme parks are the main draw but the state offers so much more! Here are things to do with kids in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the South

Things to do with kids near me in the South

There is even more of the South to explore! The South is lots of fun with things to do with kids, from the beautiful mountains of Appalachia to the big city fun of Atlanta.

The South is filled charm, great food, wonderful scenery and distinct culture. Here are things to do with kids in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia.

10 Fun Things to do in North Carolina with kids

One of the original 13 colonies and the last to adopt its state motto of “To be, rather than to seem”, North Carolina is exactly what it seems—a state offering a seemingly endless array of breathtaking beaches, national parks, mountain ski resorts, charming small towns, and historic sites that stretch back to the our nation’s earliest days.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in the MidAtlantic

Things to do with kids near me in the Mid Atlantic

Home to the cradle of the American government, the MidAtlantic states are known for their big cities filled with things to do with kids, but there is plenty of nature to be explored as well.

Washington DC is certainly a bucket-list destination for most families, and there are endless things to do. Pennsylvania is an incredibly diverse state, home to big cities and small towns where that Amish call home. Jersey has its Shore, Delaware and Maryland have the Bay, and New York is home to the greatest city in the world!

10 Fun Things to do in New York State with Kids

The beating heart of modern business and culture may be rooted in New York City, but the rest of the state cradles the Big Apple’s metropolitan onslaught with classic Americana. Sweeping beauty, majestic mountains, Olympic spirit, and early American history is painstakingly and lovingly preserved in the Empire State for all to enjoy.

Top 10 Syracuse, NY Family-Friendly Things to Do

Get outside of New York City, and you’ll find that there is a lot for kids and families to take advantage of in Upstate New York. Look for beautiful state parks, interesting museums, and kid-friendly activities around every corner, particularly in the summer. Here are the top 10 Syracuse family-friendly things to do.

Atlantic City With Kids

Atlantic City may not be the first place you think of when you think of family fun. Black Jack and roulette aside, I assure you that with a little determination, families will find plenty to do in this seaside getaway.

Things to do with Kids Near Me in New England

things to do with kids in New England

New England is where what eventually became the United States all started. It is home to rich history and plenty of adorable small towns and rural escapes. Boston is filled with things to do, but so are the rugged mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Maine is a classic family vacation destination, especially in the charming seaside towns along the coast. Connecticut and Rhode Island may be small in size but they still pack in plenty of family fun. Here are some article filled with our favorite things to with kids in New England.

Still want more things to do with kids? Well, fear not- we have much more! Our national parks are some of our favorite places to visit with kids in the United States. They are diverse and beautiful, and great places to sneak in a bit of education while having fun.

Trekaroo has dozens of articles reviews filled with information about visiting national parks across the country. Just Click on the image below!

National Parks Near Me

If you are interested in international travel, we have lots of great articles about destinations around the world as well. We have an extensive collection of articles about family travel in Canada, including articles about visiting major cities, national parks, and several great Canadian road trip itineraries.

Mexico and the Caribbean are the most popular international destinations for US families to visit, thanks in large part to the warm weather and fabulous beaches. Each destination has something special to offer families so it is no surprise that Trekaroo has several great articles on family travel to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Of course, Trekaroo covers several other international destinations beyond North America. Europe is another popular destination for families. It is a great place to learn about different cultures and incredible history while sampling tasty dishes and seeing world-famous sites.

Central America, and Costa Rica especially, are quickly becoming top destinations for families. We also have coverage of Asia, Africa, and more! It’s a big world. Where will you go to next?