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Disneyland California Resort Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks for Families

Disneyland Vacation Planning for Families: Tips, tricks, hacks, and planning advice for your vacation at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure

Looking for Trekaroo’s best tips & tricks for exploring the Disneyland California Resort? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got parent-written reviews, tips on the best rides for kids based on their ages, details on dining, a photo scavenger hunt to do in park, tips for skipping the lines, and oh so much more.

In the wrong place? Click to see our best tips on Walt Disney World and other resort properties (including cruises, Adventures by Disney, and more!)

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Disneyland Vacation Planning for Families

What’s New | Disneyland Guides and Tips from Parents

Images courtesy of Disney Parks

What's New at Disney Parks 2017FIRST TIMER'S GUIDE to Disneyland ResortREVIEW GUIDE Disneyland Resort - Parents share their best tips for visiting Disney ParksFIRST TIMER'S GUIDE Disney California Adventure

Tips for Navigating the Parks

Images courtesy of Disney Parks & Katie Bodell (Off the Beaten Path)

15 Must Know Tips for your Disney Family Vacation pinterestSkipping the lines and saving time at disney parks, including FASTPASS, rider swap, single rider, and more tipsSPECIAL NEEDS at Disney Parks - Visiting Disneyland with a special needs childWhat to do at Disneyland when it rainsDisneyland when it is crowdedOFF THE BEATEN PATH at Disney Parks - what to do when the park is crowded and lines are long20 Things you didn't know about Disneyland - Insider tips, secrets, and fun Disney triviaSurviving Disney Parks on a crowded day- how to not let the crowded park get you down

Where to Stay

Images courtesy of Bigstock/Altinosmanaj and Disney Parks (Best Hotels Near Disneyland)

Where to Stay for your Disneyland vacation- the best hotels near Disneyland in Anaheim pinHotels with the best pools near Disneylandbest hotels near Disneyland resort

Disneyland Park: Everything You Need to Know

Images courtesy of Disney Parks, Katie Bodell (Season of the Force), & Flickr/Harshlight & Sharlene Earnshaw (FASTPASS).

FIRST TIMER'S GUIDE to Disneyland Resort, Everything you need to know to plan your Disneyland family vacationExplore Star Wars the season of the force at Disneylandrides that offer ride swap at DisneylandBest Toddler-Friendly Rides at DisneylandRides that use FASTPASS at DisneylandWhere are the Disney characters? A guide to finding Disney characters, super heroes and princesses within Disneyland and Disney California Adventure great attractions for the whole family to ride together at Disneylandtops rides and attractions for teens at the Disneyland resort

Disney California Adventure: Everything You Need to Know

Images courtesy of Disney Parks & Katie Bodell (Toddler Friendly Rides)

FIRST TIMER'S GUIDE Disney California Adventure- Your go-to guide for everything you need to know about exploring this park with your familyrides that utilize fastpass at Disney California Adventurerides at California Adventure that won't scare little kids easilyGuide to exploring Cars Land at Disney California Adventurerides that offer ride swap at California Adventure, perfect for traveling familiesBest Rides for Toddlers at Disney California Adventure

Tips for Dining at Disneyland

Images courtesy of Disney Parks, Janet Card (Character Dining), & Canva (Reservations)

A Guide to all the food and Dining at Disney ParksCharacter Dining at DisneylandFood Allergies & Disney Parks - what you need to know about food allergies when on vacation at Disneyland or Walt Disney Worldrestaurants requiring reservations at disneyland

Special Events, Holidays & Celebrations

Images courtesy of Disney Parks & Janel Murray (Get Schooled)

Christmas and Holiday fun for families at Disneyland and Disney California AdventureSPECIAL EVENTS AT DISNEY PARKS to plan your trip around, including run DisneyGet Schooled with the DISNEY YOUTH EDUCATION SERIES- Your go-to resource for classes and education offered inside DISNEYLAND and WALT DISNEY WORLD. Programs are offered for groups and individuals, both at discount prices #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #Homeschool #DisneyYES Halloween at Disneyland-A guide to exploring the park, trick or treating, and spooky fun

 Disneyland California Resort Review Guide: Your guide to the best reviewed hotels, attractions, restaurants, and shows

Ultimate Vacation Guide to Disney Parks for Families

Our Ultimate Disney Guide is our go-to-resource for everything you need to know when planning the perfect family-friendly vacation. Explore our ultimate guides to the Disneyland California Resort, Walt Disney World, and other Disney properties, resorts, destination vacations, and cruises.

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