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Resources for Traveling Homeschoolers

Welcome to the Adventure of Homeschool Travel When our family began homeschooling eight years ago, little did I know how far we would travel. Both figuratively and literally, we have been all over the globe.  We have lived this famous quote and taken our school books to the road. “The world is a book, and those...
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Road School: American Revolution Field Trip to Boston and Philadelphia

The ultimate payoff for this trip was answering my nephews' questions about the Revolutionary War and the reasons why things unfolded as they did, discussing whether King George in England was fair in his expectation of colonists, and posing the question of which side they would be on. They now knew enough and had seen...
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Road School: Crafting an Engaging Educational Trip for Kids

Now with a 10, 8, and 3 year old, we’ve entered the golden age of traveling with kids, where the topics that intrigue our children are fascinating to us as parents too. Evolving our trips from family vacation to rich learning experiences took a sprinkling of intentionality. Here are some tips for how to make...
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Road School: Why Travel is Our Favorite Way to Educate our Kids

Trekaroo's founder, LiLing Pang shares about why their family has prioritized travel for their children's education. Trekaroo also announces the launch of a new Road School series - a collection of Road School guides to help parents explore various educational topics with their kids.