Bryce Canyon

Troo American Road Trip- Hiking Among Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park (Day 10)

The National Parks of Utah are unlike anything I have ever seen before. They look like something out of a movie set! The red rock walls- the way that wind and water have sculpted the walls, the spires- it’s just incredible. We spent the morning today hiking among the hoodoos (tall thin spire of rock)...
Utah Shakespeare Festival

Monday Madness: Win a Utah Shakespeare Festival Ticket and Lodging Package ($400)

Art and nature collide at Cedar City, home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival and gateway to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. We discovered why Utah’s Shakespeare festival possesses a Tony Award, and why Cedar City is an ideal destination for nature loving families.

Spotlight Thursday- Bryce Canyon National Park with Kids

We walked towards a lone pine tree on what appeared to be the edge of oblivion. With each step closer, my grip on the children grew tighter. And then we saw them. Hoodoos. Hoodoos as far as the eye could see. The landscape seemed too incredible to be real. So unlike anything I had ever...