Year-Round Family Fun in Bend, Oregon

Photo by: Bigstock/jkraft5 Bend, Oregon is a little jewel in the heart of Eastern (although a lot of people call it Central) Oregon. It sits roughly 2.5 hours from the Willamette Valley in Oregon’s high desert, which is a marvel in itself. There is really no bad time to visit as it sits in the rain...

Ski Week: Planning a Winter Vacation in Central Oregon

Ever wanted to ski on a volcano? How about snowshoe to a caldera? Climb into a lava tube? My kids have been saying 'Yes yes, and yes!' for years, as we have enjoyed a winter vacation in Central Oregon over and over again.
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The Perfect Family Mountain Getaway at House on Metolius, Oregon

Central Oregon's House on Metolius, a beautiful fly fishing and hiking lodge, is literally located 'over the river and through the woods,' but instead of arriving at Grandma's house, we found ourselves at the perfect retreat for a fall family getaway.

Golf resort luxury meets family adventure at Central Oregon’s Pronghorn Club

Before we’d even arrived at Central Oregon’s Pronghorn Club, we were impressed: located 15 minutes from Bend, the club’s property sits on miles of acreage of sparse high desert landscape where nothing but scrub pine and the alert ears of coyote poke up out of the thick sage.