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Best All-Inclusive Family Vacations for Babies and Toddlers

best all-inclusive family vacations for babies and toddlers

Let’s face it: some all-inclusive family vacations are not geared toward babies and toddlers. Thankfully, this is starting to change, with more all-inclusive resorts catering to the entire family. Baby-friendly, all-inclusive resorts can be found worldwide, so to narrow your search, look for resorts that fall in the following categories when picking a best all-inclusive resort for little ones:

Boutique All-Inclusive Resorts


A boutique all-inclusive resort is distinctive by its smaller size, increased guest service, and top-tier dining options. Boutique all-inclusive options are wonderful for any age—trust me, you’ll feel pampered!—but the increased intimacy and better service is especially welcomed by families with babies and toddlers. Not only do boutique resorts allow for greater flexibility with meals (in most cases, room service is included), but they often accommodate babies with specialty baby food menus and amenities such as age-appropriate toys and larger suites. Even the boutique perks that benefit guests of all ages, such as expedited beach service and complimentary cabanas, make vacationing with babies easier.

Read a review of Azul Beach Hotel, a boutique all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya.

Resorts with Specialized Nanny Services


Maybe you have school-aged kids who are looking forward to a lot of big-kid programming as well as a baby or toddler who needs individualized care. Enter all-inclusive resorts with included nanny services. No, it’s not too good to be true: at resorts such as Moon Palace in Cancun, families can opt for a luxury suite that comes with three hours of private nanny service per day. Kids need to be age 2 and up at Moon Palace, but all ages, from birth and up are cared for at Jamaica’s Franklin D. Resort.

Read a review of Moon Palace, Cancun’s nanny services.

Resorts with Themed Characters


Many all-inclusive resorts aim to make babies and toddlers feel at home by allowing them to vacation with characters they know and love. From resorts partnering with major toy companies (Azul Beach partners with Nickelodeon) to resorts that sport their own mascots, you know you’ve hit the toddler friendly jackpot when a furry friend is on-hand. At Beaches Negril in Jamaica, kids can play with Sesame Street characters, and at Grand Palladium on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, kids can read stories, dance, and take photos with popular TV character RAGGs.

Read reviews of Jamaica’s Beaches Negril and Riviera Maya’s Grand Palladium all-inclusives.

All-Inclusive Resorts in the US

Sometimes, it’s simply easier to travel with a baby or toddler within the US. When this is the case, family-friendly all-inclusive resort options in Florida are a great choice. Just as inclusive and luxurious as their counterparts in the Caribbean or Mexico, Florida all-inclusive resorts have the benefit of being closer to home. With less travel time and less concern over new foods or potable water options, a Florida beach resort can be the perfect choice for families with kids of all ages. Club Med Sandpiper in St. Lucie includes white sand beaches, numerous pools, and flexible dining schedules. Plus, families can use these resorts as R&R after a Disney vacation!

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