Best Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park for Families

Rocky Mountain National Park is a hiker’s paradise. Trails to alpine lakes, cascading waterfalls, jagged peaks, and wildflower-dotted tundra abound. This park offers something for everyone, from  0.5 jaunts around a lake or 11-mile leg burners that climb high above the tree line. What are the best hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park for families?...

Troo American Road Trip- Panning for Gold in Colorado at Country Boy Mine (Day 16)

Today’s road trip adventure was all about fulfilling my son’s dream- panning for gold in Colorado! He was inspired by the Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush”, and has his own dreams of “finding pay dirt”! So we drove up to Breckenridge to visit the historic Country Boy Mine. We actually got to walk into the...

Troo American Road Trip- A Day at Mt Princeton Hot Springs Resort (Day 15)

Today we were off to a bit of a sad start on our road trip. It was time to take Daddy to the airport- his week with us was done. We won’t seem him again for almost 2 weeks. So to cheer ourselves up, we enjoyed a great breakfast at the Patio Pancake Place. Then we...

Troo American Road Trip- 4 Corners and Mesa Verde National Park (Day 14)

We had so much that we wanted to pack into one day today- so we broke down camp at 4am to get started! Taking down a tent and packing up the car in the dark is a bit of a challenge- but keeping the kids quiet while the rest of the campsite is asleep is...
Denver Skyline from Flickr user Ken Lund

Kid-Friendly Denver Day Trip

Whether you're coming down from the mountains to hit the big city, just passing through, or planning your staycation, we've uncovered fabulous activities for a kid-friendly Denver day trip! Here's a snapshot of our Trekaroo families' favorite Denver-area activities and hotels.
Majestic Dude Ranch in Colorado

A Family Vacation at Majestic Dude Ranch and a Silver Screen Cowboy Role

My family spent a week as guests of Majestic Dude Ranch, where we felt as if we had starring roles in the television series Bonanza mixed with a little Duck Dynasty reality TV. We can honestly say it was one of the best family vacations we have ever had! Majestic Dude Ranch espouses two things...