The Best Children’s Museums in the USA

1. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

Taking first place as the Top Children’s Museum is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This large children’s museum gets raving 5 star reviews from just about every Trekaroo parent. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has many different sections and different themes. Among the favorites is the Dinosphere, Take Me There:® China (it is set up like you are walking through the markets, homes, etc-it’s awesome), and the Science Port.

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Runners Up

Don’t miss out on these fantastic museums that placed just behind the top 10!

DuPage Children’s Museum Naperville, IL

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Salt Lake City, UT

Children’s Museum of Denver Denver, CO

Louisiana Children’s Museum New Orleans, LA

 Discovery Center Museum Rockford, IL

Kohl Children’s Museum Glenview, IL

Minnesota Children’s Museum St. Paul, MN

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum Milwaukee, WI

 Chicago Children’s Museum Chicago, IL

 Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta Atlanta, GA


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Trekaroo readers, what is your favorite Children’s Museum?? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to write a fabulous review here on Trekaroo to tell everyone how awesome it is!


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12 Responses
  1. Traci

    Great choices; the Strong Museum in NY is AMAZING! But where is the EdVenture children’s museum in Columbia, SC? It’s the largest children’s museum in the South, and home to “Eddie,” the world’s largest kid!

  2. kbodell

    @ Traci, Looks like an awesome museum. I’ll have to keep my eye on it for 2011!! Right now it has some mixed reviews from trekaroo users?? Hopefully if it is such a great place, that will soon change 😉

  3. Alexandra

    I HAVE to add the Mississippi Children’s Museum in my hometown of Jackson, MS. It really is amazing!

  4. Claire

    Great List! I am coming back to your site when we take any family vacations!! We live in Philly and are just starting to explore locally. For anyone looking to save a few dollars at the Please Touch Museum, we put together a youtube episode on how we were able to afford the visit:

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