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The Best Hammocks for Family Fun, Camping, and Backpacking

I remember thinking it was a good idea. Hanging a hammock in Yosemite along the river and resting in the shade was what I really wanted to do. But as I lugged my 20 pounds of Ecuadorian cloth woven into a beautiful hammock complete with tassels over a mile from the Curry Village camp, I...
GoPro Action Camera HERO+

Gear Review: GoPro Hero+ (The Best Option for an Entry-Level Action Camera)

When GoPro first became popular with the shredders and adrenaline junkies of XGames caliber outdoor sports, we were all in awe of the feats they were accomplishing as we watched wide-eyed, almost like we were right there flying over the desert and catching air in the half pipe. But what about everyday families? GoPro Hero+ is...
Bubble Bum

Gear Review: Bubble Bum Car Seat, Sneck Pillow, and Junkie Organizer

We at Trekaroo obviously love travelling, driving, flying, riding, cruising. Any and all travel methods have collectively been pursued by our gang. The Bubble Bum has been a life-saver to a quite a few of us in the Trekaroo family! The Bubble Bum is easy to take on the go — on land, sea, or in the...
Biaggi’s 31" Foldable Spinner Duffle

Gear Review: Biaggi Collection – Zipsak Spinner Upright Duffle Bag

The Biaggi Contempo Collection's Foldable Spinner Upright Duffle Bag is a perfect one-bag solution for family travel.

Keeping Cell Phone Connectivity on a Road Trip

When our family travels, we use our cell phones for a multitude of tasks that would otherwise require lugging around a huge bag of guidebooks, maps, camera equipment and so on. The downside of having so many wonderful smart phone apps to choose from to make travel lighter and easier is that when you loose...
A Tale of Two Hotels: Two All Inclusive Options in Riviera Maya Photo by: Flickr y entonces

A Tale of Two Hotels: Two All Inclusive Options in Riviera Maya

All inclusive hotels are a godsend for families. Recreation options and kids' programming abound, and dining is stress-free. We love all inclusives because in addition to eating what they want and how much they want, our three boys can eat when they want, allowing for flexibility when we have a busy itinerary that keeps us...

Best Noise Canceling Headphones

Every once in a while we come across a product that has the potential to change the world.  During the past week, we’ve been reviewing an amazing set of headphones.  Headphones can change the world?  Yes, headphones.  These are not just any set of headphones.  Normally, on any long car or plane ride we’ll bring...

Vote For Your Favorite Dreamin’ Baby Photo

Although voting is now over for the Dreamin’ Baby Photo Contest, you can still read great reviews of the winning prize. x Get the inside scoop on the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light The winning baby will get to make dreams in his or her very own Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light.  This travel crib...
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