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2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families

2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families

2017 holiday gift guide for families who love to travel Facebook

Christmas & Holiday Gifts for the Kids

2017 holiday gifts_ kids teens & tweens

Seedling Color the Earth Inflatable Ball

trekaroo holiday gift guide - seedling color earth inflatable ballYour kids will fall in love with Earth’s geography, maps, and travel while coloring their own inflatable ball of our home planet. They won’t even know they are learning, which makes the concept even more fun. $19.99.

Find Seedling’s Color the Earth Inflatable Ball on Amazon

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner

trekaroo holiday gift guide - golden snitch fidget spinnerFidget spinners are perfect travel companions with their small size and silent entertainment. For Harry Potter fans, holding this Golden Snitch will be an extra delight! The heavyweight and durable quality will make this a valuable toy for a long time. $19.99.

Find the Harry Potter Golden Snitch Fidget Spinner on Amazon

Books- “Honey for a Child’s Heart”, and “Honey for a Teen’s Heart”

Parents know that having their kids read books, or listening to an audio book in the car is the best thing for their hearts and minds. But the question always is – what books are good? Be stumped no longer with these essential books, filled with book lists and recommendations for kids based on genre such as fantasy, animals, mystery, etc. Get recommendations based on age and read synopsis so that you can help your child pick great books to fall in love with.

Find Honey for a Child’s Heart and Honey for Teen’s Heart on Amazon

Oaki Snow Boots and Rain Gear

trekaroo holiday gift guide - oaki snow bootsGet your young kids ready for the cold and wet weather with Oaki’s lineup of snow and rain gear for families. An adorable range of colors, patterns, and styles keep kids warm and dry in style this winter, and the prices are extremely reasonable, especially for growing kiddos. $39.99.

Find Oaki Snow Boots & Rain Gear on

Sphero – App Controlled Robot Balls

Kids will likely pine fortrekaroo holiday gift guide - sphero robot ball the (more expensive) BB8, Lightning McQueen or R2D2 varieties of these app-controlled robots, but the original Sphero balls are the perfect size to take on trips without adding any extra bulk to your luggage. $59.99.

Find Sphero on Amazon

Nintendo Switch

trekaroo holiday gift guide - nintendo switchWe have 3 (three!) gaming systems in our home, but I still couldn’t pull my kids away from the Nintendo Switch promo at a local electronics store. The learning curve was fabulous & the game selection is great for younger kids and tweens. $299.99.

Find Nintendo Switch on Amazon


trekaroo holiday gift guide - bunchemsMy family fell in love with Bunchems. I thought they would be annoying (because of their small size), but the stick-togetherness of these little orbs actually make them the perfect companion for road trips & travel. My kids have played with these for hours to pass the time, making everything from animals to houses to robots, and more. $24.99.

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trekaroo holiday gift guide - wreck this journalThis journal begs to be traveled with. Since the whole point is “wrecking it” (by coloring, spilling, stepping on, dropping, and lots of interactive fun), parents don’t have to worry about keeping the journal in mint condition while on the road. Hurray for kids having non-techy fun and parents not having to worry about keeping it safe. $8.59.

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Adopt Your Favorite Animal

trekaroo holiday gift guide - world wildlife federationIf you have an animal lover in your life, the World Wildlife Federation’s Symbolic Species Adoptions are a great gift. For $55 the recipient will receive an adorable stuffed animal, an adoption certificate, photo, species card which gives great information about the species, and a gift bag. Best of all, you will know that your donation is going to a great cause. Animals for adoption include the typical lions, tiger, and bears as well as less than typical animals such as the fossa, slow loris, pangolin, and the adorably mustached emperor tamarin.

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