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2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families

2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families

2017 holiday gift guide for families who love to travel Facebook

Family Toys & Games to Enjoy Together

2017 holiday gifts_ gifts for the whole family to enjoy

Perfect to pack in a bag before heading on your next vacation, these games and toys count as presents for the kiddos, but they are also fun for the whole family.

Cobra Paw – the Ninja Tile Game from Bananagrams

Trekaroo Holiday Gift Guide- Cobra PawThis game of speed is fun for all ages as everyone competes to spot the matching tile to the dice roll. With ninja speed, put your finger on the correct tile and win that tile for your own. Don’t lose any tiles and you just might win the game! Perfect for ages 5+, 2-6 players. $19.99

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Spot It!

Trekaroo Holiday Gift Guide- Spot It

This card game tests your speed and matching skills and will surprise adults at how tough it can be! Be impressed when your kids beat you in collecting matching cards. The lightweight and small size makes this a perfect travel game to play while on the road at a restaurant or pit stop. Best for ages 7+, 2-8 players.

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Pack This Journal

2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families 2We’ve tried a fair share of travel journals throughout our journeys, and the recently released Pack This Journal is perfect for all types of families & even kiddos, granting them the freedom to journal their trips the way you like them. Available in two sizes, the journals include a pen, glue dots for sticking tickets & mementos wherever you might want them, and plenty of blank space to let creativity flow. From $9.99.

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Waboba Balls – Get Out Box (Outdoor Adventure Play Kit)

Trekaroo Holiday Gift Guide- Waboba BallsThese little Waboba balls bounce on the water, fly in the air, and are the easiest toy to take to the beach or pool and offer tons of fun for parents and kids. $24.99.

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Aerobie Superdisc

trekaroo holiday gift guide - aerobie superdiscThis is the best frisbee on the market. It will be the one your kids will grab to take to the park and beach. With soft sides for comfortable catches and easy throws, but a tough center for balanced flight, these fly straight and true. $12.99.

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BANG! Card game

Trekaroo Holiday Gift Guide- Bang Card GameThe Sheriff is in town and when he shoots the outlaws dead, he wins the game! If you are an outlaw or a renegade, shoot the sheriff dead and you win the game! This card game offers hours of entertainment for the whole family. For ages 9+ and requires a minimum of 4 players. Max is 7 players. $19.99.

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Exploding Kittens – Imploding Kittens Expansion

trekaroo holiday gift guide - imploding kittensWe’ve played this game for a year straight and the new Imploding Kittens Expansion pack adds a fun twist to the game that puts kids and adults at a more level playing field. The expansion pack fits inside the small box so don’t worry about the new large size; it’s still very packable. $14.99.

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Table Topics  To Go – Road Trip Edition

2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Shopping Ideas for Travel-Loving Families 3We love good conversation starters; they offer the whole family a chance to add their two cents, even if they are the quietest in the group. This Road Trip edition is perfect for road trips, holiday parties, and even airplanes. $9.00.

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