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Adventures by Disney- Where to next?

Adventures by Disney- Where to next?

My family’s trip to Peru definitely sold me on Adventures by Disney.  From the moment our Adventures by Disney backpacks showed up at the front door to the farewell dinner we enjoyed together in Lima, my family was treated like gold. Big details such as impeccable lodging, top notch guides, and incredible excursions alleviated my stress and enriched our overall experience. Simple details such as commemorative Disney pins reflecting each day’s adventures, Adventures by Disney backpacks packed with pre-departure handbooks sent to our home a few weeks before our trip, and several other little surprises along the way just made things more magical!

All of the magnificent perks do come with a cost, and a trip with Adventures by Disney (ABD) is definitely not a bargain basement vacation. As much as I would love to travel with ABD on all of their tours, it just isn’t realistic given my family’s budget.  That being said, I think that these are the trips worth saving up for. Your vacation with Adventures by Disney will be the trip that your family remembers forever.  ABD currently features over 25 tours on six continents, so odds are your dream vacation is sitting in their portfolio, just waiting to be discovered. Here are a few that I have been drooling over.

Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos

12 days/ 11 nights

I never knew how bad I wanted to explore Southeast Asia until I read Liling’s posts about her family’s amazing trip to Cambodia.  I really want to take my family to Cambodia and beyond, but still feel a bit nervous due to my unfamiliarity with this part of the world. I trust ABD to take excellent care of us, introduce us to the wonders of Southeast Asia, and keep us wowed with one rich cultural experience after another.  The entire itinerary looks great but I am especially enthralled with the ideas of taking a horseback ride through rural Cambodia and drifting past floating markets on the Mekong River in Vietnam.


Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

9 days/ 8 nights

Reading about a tour which features a few days Ecuador followed by a Galapagos Islands cruise is enough to make me giddy. Since I left a piece of my heart in the Andes, I would jump at the chance to explore South America even further and visit the Andean Highlands of Ecuador.  Imagine how cool it would be to visit the sundial at the center of the world in Quito or shop for handicrafts at the Otalavo Market. Of course, taking small ship Galapagos Cruise which includes opportunities to snorkel with penguins sounds pretty fantastic as well.  This is definitely a bucket list-worthy trip.



8 Days/ 7 Nights

Adventures by Disney features 9 different itineraries in the United States but the one that captured my interest the most is the one dedicated to exploring America’s last frontier, Alaska.  Our 49th state is built for adventure and Disney seems to have included some incredible excursions in an itinerary that visits two different National parks (swoon).  Why yes Disney, I do want to go gold panning, whitewater rafting, fjord cruising, and visit with Iditarod sled dogs. How ever did you know?


12 days/ 11 nights

China is a massive country ideally discovered over several trips or an extended vacation but the problem is, most of us only get a couple weeks a year to dedicate to travel. So how does one see the highlights of such a large country during such a limited time without feeling completely overwhelmed? Well evidently they simply have to take a 12 day tour with ABD. Disney takes its guest to all the major highlights- Tiananmen Square, Great Wall, the terra cotta warriors, Old Shanghai, Hong Kong, and even a panda sanctuary- while providing the signature Disney quality, service, and surprises along the way. Sign me up!



12 days/ 11 nights

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to take their family to Australia? Surf lessons on Bondi Beach, a catamaran cruise above the Great Barrier Reef, a bike tour of Sydney, and a sunset at Ayers Rock are all included in this Adventures by Disney tour, but what particularly intrigues me is the time spent in Tasmania. The island sounds like paradise for those who love to combine scenic beauty, unique wildlife experiences, and a good dash of adventure into their vacation itineraries. I am definitely eager and willing to zip line through a lush Tasmanian rainforest or see a Tasmanian Devil Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.


Those are just a few of the Adventures by Disney itineraries that are jumping out at me these days. Which of the ABD trips do you dream about sharing taking with your family? Check out the Adventures by Disney website and the let us know below in the comment section.  Need something more local?  Check out their Lights, Camera, Magic! tour of Hollywood and LA.

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Disclosure: My family visited Peru with Adventures by Disney as part of a media tour. Our tour and a portion of the airfare was provided by Disney but all opinions are provided by yours truly.

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