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Games for the Beach & Park that Teens and Families Love

Games for the Beach & Park that Teens and Families Love

games for the beach

We have two teenagers now and adventures and beach days are different. It’s not as easy to motivate them to engage and have fun with us. Not like it used to be where a bucket and shovel kept them busy all day. Our teenagers are not ones that love to sit and chat for long periods of time. And as a mom of boys, I’m always looking for ways to connect with them and have fun myself in ways where I can keep up. I can’t run as fast as them so soccer is out, and I’ve never been a real athlete, so finding a game we can all play takes some planning. I’m here to tell all you moms (and dads) who may be like me that it is worth it to get off of your chair and play with your kids. Finding the right games for the beach can help and so here are some suggestions to make the day a time for fun with your kids!

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Games for the Beach & Park

Bocce Ball


Photo by: Michelle McCoy

Best for: all ages – top pick for moms and dads

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This is something everyone can play! Bocce is completely versatile and doesn’t take a lot of energy or muscle strength to play (moms: I’m looking at you!) I think you will like this one! One person throws the target ball, then the two players (or teams) take turns throwing their three colored balls to get as close to the target ball as possible. Closest ball wins a point. Then pick up the target ball and throw to the next destination. First one to 10 points wins. Bonus- there are sand bag style bocce balls now. No need to lug 20 pounds of traditional heavy bocce balls to the beach!

Energy needed: 2/5 stars

Equipment: 1 pound in a small sling bag 


Beach-Game-KanJam-Trekaroo-Michelle-McCoy games for the beach

Photo by: Michelle McCoy

Best for: teens, tweens, adults

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A frisbee game with competition and scoring added in makes this new creation a super fun game for everyone. This is another great game for moms and dads – although I highly recommend wearing gloves so when the frisbee hits your hand (and it will) it doesn’t sting! 2 tubes made of durable plastic are set up about 100 feet away and teams take turns throwing the frisbee to make slam dunks and touches into the Kans. Points are scored by hitting the Kan (1 point), getting the frisbee into the Kan (team member can slap it in for 3 points), or getting into the slot on the front (immediate win!). First team to 21 wins!

Energy required: 2/5 stars

Equipment: 2 large plastic Kans that can be opened and laid flat for packing, 1 frisbee


Beach-Games-Spike-Ball-Trekaroo-Michelle-McCoy Games for the beach

Photo by: Michelle McCoy

Best for: teens, tweens, adults 

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This cross between volleyball, hackey sack, and four square is a challenge to play but can be really fun. Two teams of two players work together to bounce the ball off the trampoline-like net and keep the ball from hitting the ground. Each team gets three hits before the next team must hit it. When the opposing team misses or the ball hits the ground, you get a point. My teens have taken to this game with a fervor and have even participated in a competition with their youth group. It frequently comes with us on beach days and I have been known to attempt to play. It’s tricky, but fun!

Energy required 5/5 stars

Equipment: 5 pounds, carried in a sling bag 



Photo by: Michelle McCoy

Best for elementary age and up 

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This small bouncy ball doesn’t look like much but it packs a powerful punch of bounce and splash at the beach. Throw it across the waves and it bounces and floats. A huge improvement to throwing a tennis ball making a game of catch lots more fun. Waboba has created many ways to get out and play. Hackey sacks, street balls, and more encourages creativity and fun! Playing with my kids with the waves splashing my toes is the best. Just watch out for a sore throwing arm the next day!

Energy needed: 3/5 stars

Equipment: 1 small ball

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Self-Created Parkour

Beach-Games-Parkour-Trekaroo-Michelle-McCoy games for the beach

Photo by: Michelle McCoy

Best for: all ages

Boredom is one of the best motivators for creativity. On a recent beach trip – the adult Trekaroo team members were enjoying chatting and the kids were ready to go home. Crazy, but true! Because we weren’t ready to leave, they started getting creative with boogie boards, slants on the sand hill, jumps, and dips. The kids took turns on their self-made “obstacle course” jumping from boogie board to boogie board and over obstacles. They loved it. They didn’t even know they were practicing the modern craze of parkour – and best of all it was free!

Energy required: 3/5 stars

Equipment: anything you have at the beach – boogie boards, towels, sand built up to make jumps and dips.

Since I want to make fun memories with my kids, I’ve learned to get out of my chair and up to play games with them. But those games had better be fun and easy to take to the beach or park! Hope these become some of your favorites as well!

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