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Tiffany Vaughn is the one of Trekaroo's Travel Experts located in Arizona. She is also an avid explorer of local and remote destinations. She and her five kids enjoy tagging along with Dad on business trips to find new adventures. She believes that there are always new experiences to discover, even in your home town.

Family Fun in Oakland

Next time your family thinks of a Northern California Bay getaway, consider Oakland, a surprisingly fabulous family-friendly destination.

Berkeley Sightseeing: A Weekend of Family Fun in Berkeley California

Taking the kids on a Berkeley-based vacation? Check out the fun you can have with littles while visiting this hip, NorCal region.

Budget Vacations: Scoring LEGOLAND Discount Tickets

Looking for LEGOLAND Discount Tickets? From multi-day passes at great rates to single-day discounts online & in stores, there are plenty of deals available.

Trekaroo’s Top Picks for Organizing Travel Photos

Photo By BigStock/RawPixel Remember the days when you could only have as many travel photos as the film you brought on your trip allowed? Since the digitization of photos, picture-taking has gotten easier and easier. Now, many of us don’t even carry a separate camera because the one on our phone is just as good,...

Family Fun in Belize

Photo by: Bigstock/Brian K A tropical adventure vacation in beautiful Belize had beckoned me from Instagram photos and Facebook feeds. “Come snorkel in my reefs,” it said. “Come climb my mountains, crawl through my caves, swim in my oceans, and explore my ancient ruins.” After procuring my first passport, my husband and I left the...

A Family Guide to Arches National Park

Photo by: bigstock/diro Ever wondered what it would be like to visit a world where giant boulders defied gravity, red rock pillars towered into the sky, and massive sandstone arches span over 100 yards? This unearthly wonderland is a reality at Arches National Park. With family-friendly trails and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder this popular...

Top 10 Things for Families To Do in Denver

  Natural beauty and urban energy combine to offer numerous opportunities for exploration and adventure in the Mile High City. With 300 days of sunshine, picturesque views of the Rockies, and amazing cultural activities, it’s easy to see why Denver is fast becoming a top vacation destination. Parents are swooning over the family-oriented options available...
potty training while traveling photo by bigstock d13

6 Tips for Potty Training while Traveling

Oh, the joys of potty training! Constant trips to the toilet, cleaning up accidents, sticker charts and bribes; even in the best of situations it’s a chore. But now, right when Junior decides he wanted to start going like a big kid, you have a vacation planned. Do you postpone the trip? Never! Do you...
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