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The Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2020

The Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2020

What is the best month to visit Disney World? These days, it is harder and harder to find a month of the year that isn’t busy. New lands are opening, ticket prices are higher than ever, and crowd levels are high. Thankfully, there is hope! We have done the research and know exactly when the hotel prices are lower and the crowds are thinner. 

If your kids can take a couple days off from school, it is certainly doing. Your family will spend much less time fighting crowds, standing in long lines, and the hotel prices will be cheaper.

Keep in mind that during on peak days, one-day admission prices will rise 20% over regular day admission. Peak dates include the Christmas season, Spring Break, and peak summer. If you visit the parks on “value” days, the price is reduced by 4%. Visit the Disney World pricing calendar for updated information. Here are our picks for the best time to go to Disney World in 2020.

January and February at Disney World

Disney World with kids

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

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While most of the country is enduring winter, Orlando enjoys temperatures in the 70s. Avoid the first week in January to skip the New Years crowds. Most of January along with the first half of February are some of the cheapest times to visit Disney World.

Don’t plan to visit Disney World during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, which is January 8-12, 2020, unless you are going to participate in the event. This is an extremely popular weekend so hotel prices are higher and crowds are omnipresent. 

After the marathon madness, the remainder of January and most of February are great times to visit, minus a couple keys holiday weekends. If you have to choose a 3-day weekend, crowds are more manageable on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend than President’s Day. 

There are some downsides to visiting Disney World during January and February. Since crowds are lower, the park hours are shorter and this is a common time for some rides to be closed for refurbishment, especially water rides. 

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March and April at Disney World

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

This is a busy time of year to visit Disney World. People are sick of winter weather at home so they are ready to head down South for some sunshine. The theme parks get filled with families that are on Spring Break. Thankfully there are still some sweet spots during this time of year.

The best time to visit Walt Disney World in March is March 1-8. After that, Spring Break begins, hotel prices go way up, and the crowds start to get crazy. If you do have to visit during Spring Break, arrive at the parks early each day and maximize those advanced FastPass+ reservations. Need help in that department? We have you covered. Here is everything you need to know about Disney World Fastpass+.

Another great time to visit during this time of year is the two weeks after Easter week (April 19-30, 2020). The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is going on, and the weather is usually not too hot and humid yet. Bonus: there are typically only 4 days of rain in April. 

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May at Disney World

Mickey and Minnie character meeting

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

The first two weeks in May are a great time to visit Walt Disney World. Spring Break crowds are gone, the weather is hot but not too wet, and most kids are still in school. If your school gets out unusually early, definitely plan your Disney World vacation for this time. The park will be more crowded than in January, February, and September, but it won’t be too bad. 

After those first two weeks in May, the summer crowds start ramping up. 

June, July, and August at Disney World

4th of July Magic Kingdom

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

I have been to Disney World at many different times of the year and summer is the absolute worst time to visit Disney World in my opinion.  I would avoid it at all costs for three reasons:

1. It is super crowded. Kids are out of school and the parks are all filled to the brim. July is the busiest of the three summer months. If you visit during the last week of August, most kids are back in school. This is the best time to visit Disney World in the summer.

2. It is ridiculously hot and humid. This California girl absolutely melts during those sticky Florida summers. Plus, the humidity hair, oh the humid hair! If you have to visit in the summer, plan to arrive at park opening every day, take a break midday to nap and hit the pool, and then return in the evening when things have cooled down a bit.

3. It rains buckets, especially in June. June is the rainiest month of the year but July and August aren’t too far behind. Thunder and lightening often come along with the rain which will shut things down for a bit. Florida rain is not a drizzle. Expect heavy downpours and bring a poncho. The only good thing about the rain is that it cools things down and makes the heat and humidity more tolerable. It also washes out crowds on rides with outdoor lines for a short while. 

September and October at Disney World

September and October best months to visit Walt Disney World

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

September is actually a great time of year for a Walt Disney World vacation. Kids are back in school which means crowds and prices will take a dip. 

Epcot will also get busy due to the Food and Wine Festival August through November, but those crowds tend to show up more in the afternoon and evening. If you hit the rides early in the day, you should be okay. 

Believe it or not, September is also one of the best times to experience Halloween at Disney World. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party begins mid-August (a bit early for my taste), and continues through November 1, 2020.

Check the park website for specific Halloween party dates. Even leading up to Halloween, most weekdays in October are still not horribly crowded, historically speaking. The only real weekends I would avoid are Columbus Day weekend and the weekend closest to Halloween. 

Disney World hosts many events throughout the year. Here are some of the favorite Disney events that we think are worth planning your trip around.

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November and December at Disney World

Disney World in December

Photo by: Walt Disney World Resort

November is a great time to visit Disneyland, as long as you aren’t visiting during Thanksgiving week. The temperatures are generally pretty pleasant and you will either get to experience the Halloween/harvest-themed decor or the Christmas decorations. 

Early December is probably my favorite time to visit Disney World because all of the holiday decorations are up but most of the holiday visitors are still doing their Christmas shopping. During the first two weeks of December, park attendance is lower but the wow factor is high.

The weather is typically gorgeous and perfect for park going. There are also many special holiday events going on inside the parks, at Disney Springs, and at Disney Hotels. 

The weeks close to Christmas and New Years are insanely busy. Still, if I had to pick, I would much rather deal with the crowds during December than the hot misery of summer. Disney World at Christmastime is worth putting up with the masses.

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Lead image by Walt Disney World Resort.