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The Best Glass Igloo Hotels in Finland to See the Northern Lights

The Best Glass Igloo Hotels in Finland to See the Northern Lights

If you’re planning a trip to see the Northern Lights, staying in one of the Finland igloo hotels should be a top priority. With over 200 days per year to see the aurora borealis, glass igloo Northern Lights expereinces in Finland have popped up all over. Glass igloos hotels in Finland offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to sleep under the Northern Lights.

Plan your trip to the Finnish Lapland between September to early April and stay at one of these special spots.

Finland Igloo Hotels- The Best Glass Igloo Northern Lights Experiences

Finland Igloo Hotels
Photo by Visit Rovaniemi/allaboutlapland

You can actually see the northern lights anywhere in Finland including in Helsinki and Tempere, but the best place to see the northern lights in Finland is in the Lapland region.

Make time to see Helsinki before you head up to Lapland. Here are the best things to do in Helsinki.

The key to viewing the Northern Lights is to get away from light pollution from the urban areas. In the town of Rovaniemi, where the arctic circle begins, and points north, the chances of seeing the aurora borealis is the highest. 

When I visited the Finnish Lapland in September, among all the things to do in Finland, I was most obsessed with seeing the northern lights.

September begins aurora hunting season. During my first night in Rovaniemi, I watched the aurora app on my phone intently. I decided to brave the freezing temperatures by myself and was finally rewarded with a faint glow that I almost missed. 

The next night, I was rewarded with a glorious display of the Northern Lights. As I was freezing my butt off along the banks of the Kamijoki river, I dreamed of watching the northern lights from one of the glass igloos I had toured earlier that day.

Since then, I have been obsessively researching glass igloo hotels in Finland and plotting my return.

What is the Best Month to See the Northern Lights in Finland?

Northern Lights Finland

From September to the first half of April is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Finland. 

September to November are autumn in the Finnish Lapland, and the start of the 200 days when you have the potential to see the northern lights. The forests are bursting with fall color.

You might experience a light dusting of snow as early as October. Nighttime temperatures in the autumn do fall to freezing starting in September. So you’ll still need to dress warmly. If you have young children, it’s much more comfortable to stand outside at night in the autumn.

Heavy winter snow only typically carpets the Finnish Lapland from December through April. In the deep of winter (February), temperatures can go as low as -25°C (-13°F). During this time, the days are very short (four hours) and the nights are long.

It can be uncomfortably cold to stand outside at night. The perfect way to enjoy an aurora borealis display is to stay in a glass igloo in Finland. 

Why Stay in Igloo Hotels in Finland?

Northern Lights Finland - Igloo Hotels
Arctic Fox Igloos in the Autumn, photo by LiLing Pang

Staying in a glass igloo is unlike any other hotel you’ll stay in. The novelty of the idea is a big draw for many visitors to Finland in any season. But many igloo hotels in Finland are only open from September to April.

The reason that glass igloo hotels are popular with visitors to the Lapland is that there isn’t a better way to enjoy a view of the Northern Lights then laying down on a comfortable bed shielded from the cold and wind.

Since the Northern Lights typically appear from 9pm to 1am, you might already be ready for bed by the time they emerge. 

The Northern Lights hang around for about an hour when they appear, but the intensity comes and goes. It might take patience to wait for them. And it sure is nice to be able to do it from the warmth of a glass igloo hotel with unobstructed views of the sky.

During the spring and summer, some Finland igloo hotels are still open. Rates drop to half the price of high season. The glass igloos make for a novel stay, but are especially nice when they are surrounded by a beautiful view of a lake or the woods. 

Where are the Igloo Hotels in Finland


Rovaniemi, Ivalo, and Kittilä are the three airport towns in the Finnish Lapland that have glass igloo hotels within a short distance of the airport. Driving long distances in the winter can be particularly challenging, so accessibility should be a major consideration to families. 

Rovaniemi is the biggest city in Lapland and sees the most flights from Helsinki. It is also where the large Santa’s village is located. So if visiting Santa is high on your agenda, then you’ll want to book an igloo hotel near Rovaniemi. 

Ivalo is a big outdoor adventure area, close to the Saariselkä Fell and Urho Kekkonen National Park. The area is a big draw for those who love cross country skiing or outdoor adventures in every season.

The glass igloo hotels in this part of Finland offer northern lights tours in addition to husky, reindeer, and snowmobile safaris, and ice-fishing.

There are also a number of glass-roofed cabins and igloo hotels near Kittilä airport. If you’re planning a trip in the winter that includes opportunities to ski or snowboard, you’ll want to book an igloo hotel near Kittilä. 

It just so happens that Finland’s premier downhill ski resort, Levi Center, is only a 17-minute drive from the airport. 

Igloo Hotels in Finland- Rovaniemi

Santa’s Igoos Artic Circle rating: 8.3
Location: Rovaniemi (In Santa’s Village)
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €990-1350/night (in two igloos to accommodate four)

Book your stay at Santa’s Igloos Artic Circle.

Santa's Igloo Hotel - Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi

Located in Santa’s Village, you’re just a five-minute walk from the hub of festivities and activities. This property has 71 glass igloos and is also just a five-minute drive from Rovaniemi Airport. 

There are three types of igloos- premium igloos sleep two plus one (in a rollaway). Some have a private sauna and others don’t.

Another type of igloo has an alcove room that can sleep up to three plus one (in a rollaway). But one particularly nice feature for families are the adjoining igloos available at this property. Combined, together, the adjoining igloos can sleep a max of seven people. 

Breakfast is included and delivered to your igloo every morning. Each igloo is equipped with a tablet through which guests can contact the reception and receive the northern lights alert.

In the summer, you can enjoy hiking and biking in the area. Santa’s Village is open year-round.  

At the onsite Arctic Eye Restaurant serves Lappish cuisine with an international twist. It also features large reclining glass windows facing north. 

Snowman World Glass Resort

Family Rating on rating: 9.3
Location: Rovaniemi (In Santa’s Village)
Open: September 1 to Mid-April
Price range for a family of four: €450-900/night (In one glass kota that sleeps four)

Book your stay at Snowman World Glass Resort.

Snowman World Glass Resort - Rovaniemi

These glass kota-style huts are inspired by the traditional Kota Huts of the Sami people, but with a modern twist. These huts allow for a living room with a pullout couch below and a kitchenette on the lower level.

A spiral staircase leads up to a large double bed. Each apartment has a private sauna and a hot tub outside. Each hut comfortably sleeps four. 

The Glass Resort is located in Santa’s Village where there are activities galore for kids. The property is set among snow-laden trees. Enjoy Winter Zone, a winter playground for kids complete with ice slides, snow tubing, ice-skating, ice tubing.

Enjoy a meal your kids won’t forget when you dine at the ice bar and ice restaurant. Pure, locally sourced ingredients are showcased at the onsite Glass Resort Restaurant. The chef believes that Lapland’s unspoiled nature gives the wild produce its distinct qualities.  

Artic TreeHouse Hotel

Family Rating on rating: 8.9
Location: Rovaniemi (In SantaPark)
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €770-1400/night (in one Arctic Glasshouse)

Book your stay at the Artic TreeHouse Hotel.


The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located in SantaPark (not to be confused with Santa’s Village which is 1.2 miles away). Rovaniemi Airport is 2.1 miles away. 

The design of the Arctic Glasshouses is a marriage between Lappish traditions and modern Scandinavian. They offer floor to ceiling views of the forest and Finland’s Northern Lights.

Each Arctic Glasshouse accommodates up to six in two bedrooms and includes a fireplace, private sauna, and kitchenette. Breakfast is also included at Rakas Restaurant which features flavors of pure northern ingredients.

In the winter enjoy Santa Park, the home cavern of Santa Claus. Spend the day with elves, decorate cookies, visit the Ice Princess and watch an acrobatic elf show. 

Alternatively, enjoy an intimate Christmas Fairytale experience where Santa’s elves lead you on a journey through Santa’s Secret Forest. Book a private meeting with Santa, visit his Command Center, learn some elf tricks, or take a Gingerbread Masterclass. 

You can also visit a reindeer farm, go on a reindeer, enjoy a husky and snowmobile safari, go ice fishing trips, or ice floating.

Apukka Resort

Family Rating on rating: 8.7
Location: Rovaniemi 
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €240-640/night (in 1 aurora cabin that sleeps four)

Book your stay at the Apukka Resort.


Located about 10.6 miles from Rovaniemi and 6.8 miles from the airport, Appuka Resort caters to the outdoorsy family

At the Apukka Resort, their Aurora Cabin Glass Igloos are the ones with the glass ceilings. Each cabin sleeps two adults and two kids (on sofa beds). If you’re up for an unusual stay, you can spend the night in an ice cabin with walls made out of ice blocks

From these glass igloo in Finland, you’ll find outdoor excursions during the winter and summer. During the winter, families with kids of all ages can enjoy different types of snowmobile rides and go on a husky or reindeer sled ride.

You can also try some ice-fishing, snowshoeing, or ice-climbing on the Apukka Ice Tower. Watch the northern lights from your glass igloo cabin or go aurora “hunting” with the experts. 

In the summer, you can go fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking, or visit a reindeer farm. For a small adrenaline rush, go whitewater rafting on river Raudanjoki with class one and two rapids.

The property features six saunas, including an ice sauna, igloo sauna, and movable saunas. Breakfast is included and a shared kitchen and restaurant are also available onsite.  

Artic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos Sinetta

Family Rating on rating: 8.4
Location: Northeast of Rovaniemi
Open: Mid-December to March
Price range for a family of four: €560-800/night (in one family glass igloo)

Book your stay at Artic SnowHotel and Glass Igloos Sinetta.


Located about a 30-minute drive from Rovaniemi and the airport, this property offers two unique stays. There are 15 glass igloo cabins and an ice hotel where you can sleep in a room made of ice. The family glass igloos can sleep up to five people (fifth person on a rollaway bed). 

The Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar serves up some of the most unique meals you’ll find on this side of the arctic. And to complete the icy experience, you can even try the Snow Sauna. 

The aurora borealis alarm service guarantees that guests won’t miss the appearance of the Northern Lights. Breakfast is also included and can be served in the igloo, on request.

Guests can enjoy a snow sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, as well as a sauna located beside Lake Lehtojärvi. The three onsite restaurants serve typical Lappish dishes with local produce. 

Regardless of whether you are staying here, you can come to the resort to enjoy a day of family fun. Activities in the winter include taking an electric snowmobile safari, snowshoeing, ice-sculpting, ice-fishing, and visiting a local home to bake Finnish flatbread.

Arctic Fox Igloos

Family Rating on 8.5
Location: Rauna (south of Rovaniemi)
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €800-2000/night (in two igloos to accommodate four)

Book your stay at Arctic Fox Igloos.

Glass Igloo Finland: Arctic Fox Igloos - Rovaniemi

The Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the shores of beautiful lake Ranuanjärvi, far from disturbing city light pollution. It is an hour’s drive from Rovaniemi airport and Santa’s Village. Free airport pick-up is included in the stay along with breakfast. 

According to an old Finnish folktale, northern lights are born when an arctic fox swipes the side of a fell with its tail.

These luxury glass igloos in Finland offer an unobstructed view to the far-reaching open lake, and the northern skies. Each igloo sleeps two adults and one child (in a trundle bed) and each has its own private sauna! A family of four will need to book two igloos. 

If you wish to do a little bit of ice-swimming, there is a shared sauna on the shores of the lake as well. During the winter, you can book a snowmobile tour to visit Santa in his secret hideout cabin in the woods. You can also ride on a horse-drawn sleigh, go snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, fat biking or ice-fishing with a local. 

During the season of the midnight sun, enjoy visiting the reindeer farm, wolf dogs, or an alpaca farm. For those with young kids, a visit to the woodsy Rauna Zoo and Wildlife Park is a fun excursion. Kids can get a closer look at the animals while being pulled on a sled along the snowy boardwalks.

Igloo Hotels in Finland- Ivalo

Ivalo is in northern Lapland close to the Saariselkä Fell region. It’s sandwiched between two of Finland’s largest national parks – Lemmenjoki National Park and Urho Kekkonen National Park.

The area’s endless wilderness lures outdoor enthusiasts year-round. These are some of the most scenic locations in all of Finland. These wilderness areas offer some offer a stunning backdrop for viewing Finland’s northern lights. Before you head out, get tips for Finland national parks.

In the summer, you can explore endless hiking trails and mystical fells. During the winter, the region is popular for cross-country skiing and other wintry adventures.

To the north is Inari village, the heart of the Sámi culture in Finland. This genuine small village has great authentic handicrafts and artisan shops.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort- Igloos and Chalets

Family Rating on rating: 8.1
Location: South of Ivalo
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €810-1700/night (in one regular glass igloo or kelo glass igloo)

Book your stay at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.


Located 30 minutes south of Ivalo Airport, Kaklauttanen Arctic Resort is a premier outdoor resort completely surrounded by nature. In fact, Urho Kekkonen National Park is just 3.1 miles away.

This Finland igloo hotel has igloos that sleep 2-4. With glass panels 360 degrees around, you’ll be able to see the northern lights from every angle in the room. The Kelo glass igloos though are part log cabin style chalet and only part glass igloo. But they can sleep 6 comfortably. 

There are also luxury six-bedroom Kelo glass igloos that sleep 12. This large group accommodation includes a living room and dining room. There’s also a traditional wood log cabin style chalets on site along with snow igloos. 

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers two à la carte restaurants, which serve Laplandic specialties. Breakfast is also included.

In addition, the resort boasts the world’s largest smoke sauna. The sauna even has its own restaurant, Savusauna. There are 6 more saunas available, each has a relaxation room with an open fireplace.

The resort offers husky, reindeer, snowmobile, and snow tank safaris during the winter. Horseback and sleigh rides are also available. Try your luck at ice-fishing or put on your skis and hit the cross-country trails. There is downhill skiing at Saariselkä, Finland’s northernmost ski resort. 

In the summer and autumn, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures. Go foraging for berries and mushrooms, hike in Urho Kekkonen National Park, go mountain biking, fishing, canoeing or horseback riding. You can also go whitewater kayaking the Juutan River, or cruise along the Lemmenjoki River.

Wildnerness Hotel Muotka

Family Rating on rating: 9.4
Location: South of Ivalo
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €390-580/night (in one aurora cabin)

Book your stay at Wilderness Hotel Muotka.

Finland Igloo Hotel: Wilderness Hotel Muotka - Ivalo

Located a couple miles from Urho National Park, Wilderness Hotel Muotka offers affordable Aurora Cabins with glass igloo views. The Aurora Cabins sleep up to four (two kids on a sofa bed). Most cabins include a private sauna. 

During the winter, you can enjoy different Aurora hunting experiences, ice-fishing, snowmobiling, husky or reindeer sled rides. You can also explore the trails by going snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing in nearby Saariselkä, Finland’s northernmost ski resort. 

During the summer and autumn, you can also enjoy mountain biking or fat biking. Go foraging for berries or take a day trip to Inari to learn more about Sami culture and history.

The onsite restaurant serves traditional Lappish cuisine using local ingredients. Breakfast is included.

Star Arctic Hotel

Family Rating on rating: 8.8
Location: South of Ivalo
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €240-680/night 

Book your stay at Star Arctic Hotel.


The Star Arctic Hotel is located just 20 minutes from Ivalo on Kaunispää Mountain, close to the Saariselka ski resort. Each Aurora cabin has an A-frame glass ceiling for perfect views of the Northern Lights.

During the winter, Santa is fond of visiting nearby Reindeer Park. Let Santa’s elves whisk you off directly to Santa’s Cabin so you can share some gingerbread and juice with the big man.

Head outdoors for a husky, reindeer, or snowmobile safari.  In addition, you can go ice-fishing, sledding, cross country skiing or downhill skiing and snowboarding. 

During the summer months, try foraging for mushrooms and berries, hike the trails of Urho Kekkonen National Park or canoe/kayak on Lake Inarijärvi.  Consider taking a day trip to the northern reaches of Norway which is a two-hour drive to the north. 

The onsite restaurant serves modern Lappish cuisine. Breakfast is also included.

Two shared saunas are available. The hotel also offers ski equipment hire and ski storage. 

Aurora Village Ivalo

Family Rating on rating: 8.9
Location: Ivalo
Open: Year round
Price range for a family of four: €540-1520/night (in one glass igloo cabin)

Book your stay at Aurora Village Ivalo.

Finland Northern Lights: Aurora Village Ivalo

At Aurora Village Ivalo, there are 25 glass igloo cabins. The property is just 8.1 miles from the Ivalo airport. Each cabin sleeps two adults and two kids (in rollaway beds). Room rates include both breakfast and dinner at the onsite Restaurant Loimu.

During the winter, the tour desk can book you on a Finland Northern Lights photography class, snowmobile excursions, sleigh rides, or fat biking in the snow.

Hike in Urho National Forest, go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, and ice-kart racing or visit a reindeer farm. During all seasons, take a cultural tour to the Russian border and to learn about the Sami people.

During the summer there are a few interesting tours like a wilderness sauna experience, summer husky wagon ride, and berry picking. You can also enjoy Lake Inari on jetskis, explore an ice-cave, or go fishing. 

Igloo Hotels in Finland- Kittila and Levi

Kittilä is in the far northwestern part of the Finnish Lapland. The nearby ski area of Levi is the main draw for visitors to this area. It’s Finland’s largest ski resort with 45 slopes. There are also 230km of cross-country skiing tracks, and 866km of snowmobiling tracks. 

The nearby Village Lainio is also a winter wonderland complete with a snow hotel, ice-restaurant, and ice bar. During the autumn season, families come here to enjoy fall foliage.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park to the east of Kittilä is close to the Swedish border. Here, you’ll find are two skiing centers – Iso-Ylläs and Ylläs-Ski. They also have the largest gondola lift with a sauna gondola! If you like the idea of combining aurora hunting with a ski vacation, you’ll find some fun Finland igloo hotels here as well.

Levi Northern Lights Huts

Family Rating on rating: 9.3
Location: Levi
Open: September through April
Price range for a family of four: €490-890/night

Book your stay at Levi Northern Lights Huts.

Northern Lights Huts - Levi

The Northern Lights Huts in Levi are just 18 minutes from the Kittilä airport. These huts are on a working reindeer farm so you’ll have lots of opportunities to hang out with reindeer.

Each glass roof hut sleeps two adults and two kids (on a sofa bed). They’re located far from any light pollution, making it easy to enjoy a view of the aurora borealis. 

The onsite restaurant serves Lappish delicacies and is open from October to April. Breakfast is also included. Families like the genuine farm hospitality and the relative affordability of staying in these glass roof huts. 

Levi Ski Center is just 8.1 miles away. During the winter months, they offer a variety of reindeer safari tours.

Golden Crown Levin Iglut

Family Rating on rating: 9.0
Location: Levi
Open: Beginning of September to end of April
Price range for a family of four: €530-825/night (in one suite glass igloo)

Book your stay in Golden Crown Levin Iglut.

Golden Crown Levin Iglut - Levi

Golden Crown – Levin Iglut sits on top of Utsuvaara Fell. Levi Ski Resort is 5.6 miles away. It’s also a 15-minute drive to the airport.

There are three types of glass igloos offered at Golden Crown Levin Iglut. Suite Igloos have a separate living room and bedroom. They accommodate two adults and two kids (on rollaway beds). They also have a hot tub outside and a kitchenette. 

Prime Superior Igloos sleep two adults. However, two children on extra beds can be added for an additional €100/night. Superior Igloos also sleep two adults with the option to have two children on extra beds at an additional €100/night. After booking, call to request to add the children if they are under 13. 

During the winter you can go snowshoeing, horseback riding, and biking. You can also book a kicksled, snowmobile, husky, or reindeer safaris. Cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are ideal in late winter.

During early autumn before the snow falls, you can also enjoy cycling, golfing, hiking, horse riding or paddling.

The Aurora Sky restaurant is also inside a glass igloo with unobstructed views of the horizon. The fine-dining menu uses seasonal ingredients. Breakfast is included. There are shared BBQ facilities in a wooden tipi hut, which has an open fireplace. 

Northern Lights Ranch

Family Rating on rating: 8.4
Location: Levi
Open: Beginning of September to end of April
Price range for a family of four: €530-825/night (in one superior or deluxe cabin)

Book your stay at Northern Lights Ranch.

Northern Lights Ranch - Levi

Northern Lights Ranch gives you a feeling of getting away from everything. This is due to its location; 35 minutes from the Kittilä airport, and 10 miles from the Levi Ski Center.

There are four styles of modern Scandinavian style cabins – the Standard, Superior, Superior with Sauna and Deluxe. The Standard cabin and the Superior Cabin with Sauna both sleep two. But the Superior and Deluxe cabins have also an alcove area that can sleep on an additional adult or two kids. 

The bedroom area of the Sky View Cabins has glass panels on three sides for optimal northern lights viewing. In addition, the Sky View Cabin Superior with sauna and the Sky View Cabin Deluxe (with outdoor hot tub) can be adjoined to accommodate up to six. 

Kids will love the reindeer enclosure next to the restaurant which is positioned so they can observe the reindeer while they eat. The restaurant serves Lappish delicacies. Breakfast is included.

During the winter, book activities such as husky, reindeer, and snowmobile safaris as well as cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and aurora hunting trips. There is canoeing, hiking, fishing, ice skating, and snowshoeing during the autumn.

Tips for Viewing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Finland
Northern Lights in Rovaniemi, photo by LiLing Pang

If this is your first time seeking a view of the magnificent aurora borealis, here’s what you can expect:

  • The Northern Lights generally appear due north of where you’re standing. Therefore, the glass igloos are usually built facing north.
  • The best time of the day to view the northern lights is between 9pm and 1am at night.
  • You can’t precisely predict when they will display. But there is an aurora app that forecasts the likelihood it will display. If it says there is a 15% chance or more, start to keep an eye out.
  • An iPhone camera does a poor job of taking photos of the northern lights. You need a DSLR with a tripod. There are all sorts of fancy settings you need to know. Set it all up in the daylight because it’s no fun fiddling with settings in the dark.
  • To our naked eye, the Northern Lights can look like a faint halo in the sky instead of the bright green and purple hues we see in photos. That’s because a camera can register a wider spectrum of light than the eye. Snap a photo to confirm if what you are seeing is the aurora borealis.
  • Get away from light pollution as much as possible. This should be a consideration when booking your glass igloo hotel in Finland. Igloo hotels outside of more densely populated areas will reward you with clearer views of the aurora borealis. 
  • The northern lights aren’t something you “hunt” for despite all the tours advertising this activity. If the northern lights are in the sky, you don’t need to hunt for them. 
LiLing Pang