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Splurge-Worthy Luxury Family Travel Destinations: US & Canada

Splurge-Worthy Luxury Family Travel Destinations: US & Canada

splurge worthy luxury hotels for families

Growing up, my family didn’t travel much. On the rare occasions when my family took a road trip, often to visit family members who lived in other states, we stayed at budget roadside motels and lodges. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I ever visited a luxury resort. And, I am just going to say, sometimes the splurge is worth the cost. We surveyed our well-traveled team of family travel writers and asked them for their favorite splurge-worthy luxury travel destinations that are worth saving up for. Start saving your pennies (and Benjamins) for a visit to these splurge worthy luxury resorts located in the United States and Canada. (And keep a look out for our next installments, covering Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America.)

Let’s get started with our luxury vacation splurges. First stop, California. Click next to see our top pick.

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