Road Trip Games for Kids with Free Printable – Having Fun & Staying Sane on Long Road Trips

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Whether you’re driving across North America on an epic road trip, traveling to grandmother’s house, or hitting the road for a local day trip, all this vacationing often involves long hours of sitting in the car waiting to get to that mystical “THERE” that kids pine after so greatly. To help you get where you are going with a bit more ease, we’ve got games that can be played anytime, anywhere, with no game boards required.

These road trip games for kids will make your little ones think, make them laugh, turn them into detectives, and have the whole family having fun together, without the need for electronics.

Download the Trekaroo's Road Trip Games Printable

Every parent needs device free games at our fingertips

What’s in Road Trip Games for Kids?

We have compiled some of our favorite road trip games below, but for a comprehensive list and detailed instructions, we’ve made a fun road trip games printable (with fill-in pages & game pages for the kids).
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Seek & Find Road Trip Games

  • I Spy
  • Punch Buggy
  • On a Hunt for a Number, aka the Alphabet Game
  • Count the …
  • A is for Armadillo

Creative Road Trip Games

  • Get Goofy and Laugh
  • What’s in the Clouds ? 
  • Scattergories on the Go
  • Telephone Storytelling 
  • The Picnic Game
  • The Professor’s Cat
  • Around the World
  • License Plate Lingo
  • Building Words
  • Buzz

Getting to Know You Games

  • What’s your favorite
  • Would you rather
  • Mad, Sad, Glad
  • What if?
  • Where do you do it?
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Two Truths and a Lie
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