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10 Things to do during Summer in Breckenridge, Colorado

10 Things to do during Summer in Breckenridge, Colorado

The snow is melting off the mountains, and the brooks are starting to babble, which means it’s Summer in Breckenridge, CO. While most people think of this historic mining town as a wintertime ski resort, it’s also a top destination for families looking for outdoor adventure during the summer months.  In addition to hiking the beautiful mountains, here are 10 Things to do during the summer in Breckenridge, CO that will have the entire family begging for more time to explore.

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10. Take a free Gondola Ride

The Breckenridge Gondola is free and goes from downtown to the top of Peak 8. It’s almost like taking the monorail at Disney World, and best of all it’s free!

9. Slide Down a Mountain

fun park summer in breckenridge
At the top of Peak 8 is the Breckenridge Fun Park. The best ride is the Alpine Slide. Pick up a sled with wheels at the top of the chair lift and zoom down. It’s up to you how fast you go. Tickets to the Breckenridge Fun Park can be purchased individually per attraction or as a full day fun pass. For those too little to participate, there is a childcare and nursery available.


8. Take the Summit Plummet

The Breckenridge Rec Center offers daily passes and multi-visit punch cards. The indoor pool is great for a rainy day and includes the Summit Plummet water slide, as well as rope swing, aqua rock wall, lazy river and two hot tubs. The Center also has a full gym, track, indoor tennis courts and an inside rock wall.

7. Find Gold

Iowa Mine Hike Find Gold summer in breckenridge
Breckenridge started as a gold mining town. Everywhere you see remnants of the mining era. Talk a self-guided hike of the Iowa Hill Mine and see old mining equipment or go on a guided hike through the Breckenridge Historical Alliance. The Country Boy Mine allows guests down into the mine to learn what it was like working underground each day. Outside, pan for gold or pretend to be a gold nugget sliding down the Ore Chute slide.

6. Pump It Up

The Town of Breckenridge maintains a pump track at the Ice Arena. Bring your bike and see if you can make it all the way around without pedaling.

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5. Shake Hands with a Tree

Learn about area flora and fauna on a guided hike through the Breckenridge Recreation Center.  Learn how to tell the difference between a fir, spruce and pine tree by ‘shaking hands’. The “friendly” fir is soft and you can’t roll the needles. The “spikey” spruce’s needles roll. The “prickly pine” tree needles come in pairs.

4. Visit a Ghost Town

Preston Mill Ghost Town summer in breckenridge
The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance offers guided history hikes to Preston Mill, a once prosperous mining town. Along the way are abandon mines and of course the town of Preston Mill. Most of the buildings in the town have fallen down, but you can still see the remains and get a feel for the heyday. If you’d rather ghost stories, the Alliance also offers a ghost tour of downtown Breckenridge.

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3. Attend Mountain Bike School

Breckenridge Biking School summer in breckenridge
Breckenridge Ski Resort offers a mountain bike school that is a must for anyone looking to hit the trails in Breck, especially if you aren’t used to Colorado Mountain biking. Seasoned bikers can hire the instructors as a trail guide. Not a bad idea, especially if you want to send an adventurous teen without going yourself.

2. Have a snowball fight

There are usually some patches of snow on the ski runs of Peak 8, even in summer. Take the free gondola up the mountain and hike to the white patches for a snowball fight. How often can you do that in the middle of July!

1. Ride into the Sunset

Ride into Sunset summer in breckenridge
Visit Breckenridge Stables and pick your steed to ride into the sunset. Trail rides go out several times a day and are great for families. If you’d rather not ride, purchase a horse treat at check in and feed the horses that are taking a break.

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For more fun things to do in Colorado with Kids , visit Field Trips with Sue and read the Colorado series.

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