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Gear Review: Tenba Messenger Bag for Photography, Cameras, and Parents

Does your camera just float around in a bag when you travel with your kids? Or do you simply leave that bulky DSLR at home? I know so many moms who have fantastic cameras that take the most amazing photos- but they rarely bring them on daily adventures with kids. Either the camera is too...

Gear Review: Matador Beast28 Pack-Away Technical Backpack

From the airport to the beach to the mountain backpacking trail, the Matador Beast28 can do it all. This versatile pack is lightweight and designed for travel. It comes with a compression sack that makes this pack small enough to easily fit inside a suitcase for adventure in far-off destinations. The many pockets, water bottle...

Top Family Camping Gear: What to Pack on Your Next Camping Trip

  Whether your family is headed to a state park or national park this summer, camping trips don’t have to break the bank. That said, having the best family camping gear you need for outdoor adventure can go a long way toward having a family of happy campers. I’ve been reviewing outdoor gear for Practical...

ABEO Biomechanical Footwear Review- A great fit for your travel wardrobe

Think you have to sacrifice comfort for style while traveling- we did too. But after finding the ABEO line of footwear from the Walking Company, we fell in love!
Harry & Jack's JETPACK

Gear Review: Harry & Jack’s JETPACK for Kids- Getting There in Style

The Harry & Jack JETPACK for kids is an adorable and functional backpack for young kids while traveling, at home, and beyond

Gear Review: Platypus Australia Swimwear

Our family spends so much time at the pool, we’re lucky we haven’t grown gills yet! Our 11-year-old daughter in particular goes through swimsuits like there’s no tomorrow. Between her use of them at swim team, lake trips, and family fun at the pool, I feel like I’m always stocking up on suits for her....

Road Trip Week Gear Guide

The summer road trip is a timeless family tradition, but anyone who’s spent countless hours fighting with a sibling in the back of a ‘80s-something station wagon without air conditioning knows kids these days have it good. Hit the road with this handy road trip gear guide featuring everything your family needs for a convenient...
Entertaining kids when traveling

Entertaining the Kids when Traveling

Top Games and Activities for Traveling Kids. These are all based on recommendations from Trekaroo's community of travel-savvy parents over the last year. We've got games that can be played anytime, anywhere and no gameboards required.