Kid-friendly Activities

Seattle: Free Family-Friendly Fun

There's only one thing better than a fun outing with my family, and that's a FREE fun outing with my family. Fortunately for my wallet and I, Seattle is full of great activities that will enable your family to get out and have fun, without spending money.
Kid-friendly Cat Haven, California

SoCal: Kid-friendly Animal Encounter Alternatives to Zoos

We decided to take it a step further, and we began to seek out conservations and sanctuaries. What we found was in these concentrated environments you can connect with the animals on a more personal level. We learned the animals’ names and heard their stories. We looked them in the eyes and we made a...
Frozen on Broadway musical - Hidden Folk

Kid Friendly Broadway: The Best of New York Theater for Families

As a mom, I couldn’t wait to share the Broadway experience with my kids. I wanted them to be exposed to the culture and talent that theater provides, but most of all, I wanted to create the kind of memorable experience that I had. Taking the kids to the theater can be a daunting process....