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If you’ve ever taken a road trip anywhere in the US or Canada, you’ve probably seen the ubiquitous yellow sign along the road. And if you’ve never stayed at a KOA, you’ve also probably wondered, “What’s behind that yellow sign?” This May and June, we are sending 15 bloggers and writers, along with their families, out into the great outdoors to discover the secrets and fun behind a family vacation at a KOA Kampground.

From veteran campers with all the best gear to families who’ve never camped a day in their lives, KOA offers something for everyone. Families at KOA Kampgrounds can take advantage of three unique types of stays including campers on a road trip journey, campers on a location-based holiday, and even resort campgrounds for families seeking the ultimate vacation splurge. Choose the type of KOA that’s right for you depending on whether you’re passing through, staying a few days, air considering our KOA your ultimate destination. We’ll be highlighting 15 unique and fabulous family adventures at KOAs across North America this month, so bookmark this page or follow us on social media with #CampKOA to stay in the loop.

2015 is filled with magic

Families headed out to KOAs across the country. 

KOA Review:
Moab KOA

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Moab for families

KOA Review:
St. Augustine Beach KOA

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Camping in St. Augustine, Florida

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Katie Bodell is Trekaroo’s Blog Editor, a freelance writer, a happy wife to her best friend, and a mom to three sweet California girls. She loves the Bible, learning & research, musical theater, indy music, artsy films, languages, and diverse cultural encounters. Her husband is thankful that google can now answer all of her perpetual random questions.
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  1. Jenna Francisco (@thismyhappiness)

    I have stayed in a KOA campground in Sonoma County, CA, in a cabin, and it was one of our favorite family travel experiences from the last couple of years. So fun to be in nature but be comfortable at the same time!

  2. Deanna Mendez


  3. Sasha Werner

    As a kiddo growing up we often stayed at KOAs here and there. Always a fun time! Now, as a parent myself, we’ve enjoyed taking our kiddos to KOAs here in Oregon, and look forward to visiting more! 🙂

  4. Shannon Kemp

    We love camping at KOA! Family fun! We haven’t yet this year and cannot wait! ☺ All about making memories!

  5. barbara lynn

    family fun and memories

  6. angie

    Love koa port huron!!!!

  7. Leigh Anne Borders

    When I was a little girl I used to go camping with my grandparents and we would always stay in a KOA campground. They have since passed and that little yellow sign brings back many great memories!

  8. DanielleD

    All of these bloggers personla stories & pictures make me want ot go try all of the KOA locations! We love the cabin option for when we don’t want to haul all of our camping equipment!

  9. Brittney Merck

    We have stayed at a KOA several times and really enjoyed it!

  10. Paige Pendell

    Love & the beauty of mother earth that surrounds us!

  11. Cassandra Eastman

    I remember going to KOA and camping when I was a child. I can’t wait to take my own children and make our own memories as well!

  12. Holly E

    Our family loves the KOA!

  13. Dandi D

    We have never gone camping as a family before, and this looks super fun!

  14. Cinella

    We have never visited, but we hope to some day!

  15. Tina Bredbury

    thank you for the tips!

  16. aprilm99

    We just did a one night camping trip at a local campground and the kids loved it, now they want to go again.

  17. Natalie

    Wow! This looks awesome!

  18. Sara

    lots of fun activities to entertain the littles

  19. emily floyd

    Sounds like a fun way to get KOA out there!

  20. kerrylee777

    We have never tried KOA, but they look amazing! Def going to have to add it to our plans soon!

  21. Sassypants

    We’ve been waiting for our youngest to get out of diapers. He’s been potty trained for a year now, so this summer we are doing it!

  22. Jennifer H.

    We used to camp a lot when I was young. We always were really happy when we camped at a KOA because that meant that they had a pool! Can’t wait to read all of the bloggers experiences.

  23. Kaity Stuckert (@BeeautifulBless)

    I remember staying in KOA cabins with my family as a child. It was the perfect combination of adventure and homey accommodations to satisfy everyone’s vacation wishlist!

  24. Anita D. Sullivan

    blogger mom and non camper here who would love to check out KOA!

  25. amy deeter

    we have never stayed at Koa but i can’t wait to stay there and check it out.looks like loads of fun

  26. Anne Stewart

    I’ve never visited a KOA campsite, but with an infant and a preschooler, those deluxe cabins look amazing!!

  27. Katie Elliott

    I love “Camping for non Campers.” She made it seem like such a fun experience, not a misery of heat and bugs that sometimes befalls us when camping. Also, cabins…I love camping with cabins.

  28. Carissa

    Have been fascinated about KOA since seeing them on Undercover Boss! My kind of camping!

  29. Natalie W

    Camping with kids is so much easier when yuh have all the amenities!

  30. kathrynanywhere

    Great! Thank you!

  31. Kaitlyn Brady

    I’d definitely love to try out a KOA with my husband and 3 little boys!

  32. bibanon1

    There is a KOA right on the edge of town and I have never been! I always hear such great things about KOA campgrounds and it is time that we went to one!

  33. Callie Raykhonov

    Seems like an ideal family getaway!

  34. Gretchen in HB

    As a mom that much prefers to drive/road trip over flying, these KOAs look like great stops along the way to summer adventures!

  35. Paige Staton

    We stayed at a KOA in Colorado City and it was super nice – we had our family reunion there and really enjoyed it!

  36. miriama59

    I camped at a KOA a very long time ago..over 20 years ago. It was a blast for a person who isn’t really an outdoor person. I can’t believe I never went back..



  38. Maria (One Tiny Leap)

    We’re on a 6 month USA road-trip, and have been staying at KOAs 50% of the time and we can’t love it more! Definitely the best way to see the country. Oh and don’t shy away from staying at a KOA just outside a city – in our experience it’s a good way to unwind after a long day exploring!

  39. Frankie Lane

    Would love to win the KOA camping prize!

  40. Jill McHale

    Ive never stayed at a KOA love to check one out!

  41. mybigfathappylife

    What great family memories!

  42. Heather Gardiner (@hcgardiner)

    I’ve never camped with KOA but would love to visit one – they look amazing!

  43. Hollie Jahnke

    My family always has the best time at koa. I love the deluxe cabins.

  44. Betty B.

    We visited our local KOA camp which is just 15 minutes from our house a couple of years ago which was our first camping trip we absolutely loved it!

  45. Wendy M

    Have never been but definitely looks fun for the whole family!

  46. Neal Trautloff

    Pretty cool

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