Video Spotlight: How to Organize the Inside of your Car on a Road Trip

As you might know by now, mom of six and road trip warrior, Sharon Rowley, is about to hit the road for an 8000-mile 4-week Troo American Road Trip.

Missed her previous planning tips?  Check out how awesome videos on how to:

Today, Sharon is offering up two awesome videos to get you ready for your own Great American Road Trip Adventure!

How to Organize the Inside of your Car

Each row of kids also has a DVD player that attaches to the back of the headrest in front of them. I don’t get too caught up on whether they are engaged in too much electronics time on a long car ride, but I will declare electronics off-limits while we are on a scenic drive. – Sharon Rowley, Brave mom of six

Bonus Tip: Choosing the Best Cooler for a Road Trip

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Kids and Car

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Try to spot Sharon & her family on the road in their Trekaroo branded van.  She would love to say hi! 

Curious about this superwoman Sharon Rowley? Superoo Sharon Rowley (sharonmomof6) is the busy Mom of 6 kids ages 7-12 and managing this large family calls upon all of the super-organizational skills she can muster! Sharon shares her ideas for Moms every day on Momof6, and you can also find her on Pinterest (sharonmomof6) and on Twitter @sharonmomof6

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