California Dinosaur Exhibits & Digs for Kids and Families

When my daughter asked questions about lions and tigers, we brought her to a big cat rescue. When she asked about whales and dolphins, we took her off the coast of California for a whale watching excursion. It is a bit trickier to bring dinosaurs to life. When she became fascinated with them, I immediately...
Giat Ground Sloth at the Extreme Mammal Exhibit - Photo Credit: AMNH/D. Finnin

New Extreme Mammal Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences

A few weeks ago, we visited the California Academy of Sciences specifically to check out the new Extreme Mammal Exhibit. Our 7 year old is an "animal expert", so a visit to the Academy of Sciences is always huge treat.

Places to Experience Dinosaurs and Fossils With Kids

When our son turned 4, he wanted a dinosaur party. I was thrilled. My imagination went wild over creating a wonderful dinosaur dig complete with a dino egg hunt. These terrifying creatures have captured the minds of even the youngest children. Parents can use that fascination to instill some learning into the kids and discover...