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Sisily Calvert was previously a Southern California Destination Guroo. She and her daughter love to explore SoCal and beyond together. Their favorite things include the beach, the desert, Mother Nature, reading, recycling, clean eating, and all eleven Disney Princesses!

California Dinosaur Exhibits & Digs for Kids and Families

When my daughter asked questions about lions and tigers, we brought her to a big cat rescue. When she asked about whales and dolphins, we took her off the coast of California for a whale watching excursion. It is a bit trickier to bring dinosaurs to life. When she became fascinated with them, I immediately...

Top 10 Things for Families to do in Arkansas

Arkansas, officially known as the “Natural State”, will fill the tanks of history buffs, outdoor addicts, and the lovers of true Americana. The 25th state is the birthplace of Wal-Mart and former President Bill Clinton.
Kid-friendly Cat Haven, California

SoCal: Kid-friendly Animal Encounter Alternatives to Zoos

We decided to take it a step further, and we began to seek out conservations and sanctuaries. What we found was in these concentrated environments you can connect with the animals on a more personal level. We learned the animals’ names and heard their stories. We looked them in the eyes and we made a...
Palisades Park Santa Monica Family

Fun Things to do with Kids in Santa Monica, California

When the fresh beach air calls, the seaside town of Santa Monica, located just west of Los Angeles, is often where my family and I end up. It has the charm and appeal of a coastal getaway, but with its sophisticated urban aspect, it is anything but a lazy beach town.

Review of the iSafe Laptop Messenger Business Bag

The iSafe Laptop Messenger Business Bag is the second piece from the iSafe company I have had the opportunity to use and love!  Having used the iSafe Collegiate Backpack daily for over a year I can 100% recommend the iSafe bags not only for the safety feature but iSafe’s unbeatable quality. Juggling work, my child,...
backpacking with kids

Review of the iSafe Backpacks

I wouldn’t say I am skittish person, but I would call myself cautious.  I am very aware of my surroundings at all times and that sometimes makes me a little anxious.  This has only become more apparent since having my daughter 3 years ago.  That is why the iSafe backpack was a perfect fit for...