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Carry-On Only with Kids: Packing Tips For Traveling Light

I recently drove a friend and her family to the airport. The 4 of them were going to a Caribbean island for a 5-day vacation. They had seven large checked bags with them for their trip – SEVEN! I am sure they arrived with more than they needed for their time on the island. Still,...

Christmas at Disneyland Resort

When Disney combines the celebratory fun of the winter holidays with fantasies come to life inside their parks, the result is pure magic.
Traveling with Children: Lessons Learned the Hard Way Colleen Lanin

Traveling With Children: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

As the author of a guide to traveling with kids, you’d expect all of my family vacations to run as smoothly as the wheels on a brand new Rollaboard suitcase, right? Wrong! In fact, I learned many of my best travel lessons the hard way. Here are a few travel tips to make your next...