Top Family Holiday and Christmas Events in Denver, CO

The snow has hit the ground more than once, which means it's nearly holiday season in Colorado! Families with kids know that means all varieties of fun holiday activities to celebrate the snow, and the growing excitement of family gatherings and community celebrations.

Top 10 Things for Families To Do in Denver

  Natural beauty and urban energy combine to offer numerous opportunities for exploration and adventure in the Mile High City. With 300 days of sunshine, picturesque views of the Rockies, and amazing cultural activities, it’s easy to see why Denver is fast becoming a top vacation destination. Parents are swooning over the family-oriented options available...
Denver Skyline from Flickr user Ken Lund

Kid-Friendly Denver Day Trip

Whether you're coming down from the mountains to hit the big city, just passing through, or planning your staycation, we've uncovered fabulous activities for a kid-friendly Denver day trip! Here's a snapshot of our Trekaroo families' favorite Denver-area activities and hotels.

Best Zoos in the Midwest (and Rockies)

Stop number two on our tour of the nations best zoos is the mighty Midwest.  The heartland is home to plenty of terrific spots to take the kids, and it’s zoos are amongst the best around.  Lets get started with the zoo that is home to my childhood hero, Jack Hanna. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: I have...

Grab your Kids. Trekaroo Launches Denver and Colorado Springs!

As snow starts to accumulate across Colorado this winter, Trekaroo's starting to accumulate activities and hotels across Colorado that are fun for kids. Check out what we've got in Denver, Colorado Springs, Vail, Crested Butte, and more! As we turn Colorado orange on our maps, I'm reminded of John Denver's rendition of Home on the...

Local Parents Have the Scoop on Kid Fun in Denver, CO – KidsMobile

The Trekaroo KidsMobile just climbed from sea level to the mile high city of: Denver, Colorado Who would have known that Denver is a city that is full of indoor water parks?  Who would have thought that local families love having a fiesta good time at one local Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita?  These were...

Splish Splash: Cooling Off With Kids

Just yesterday, at the playground our 3 year old who normally would be clambering across the tree house playground was lethargically sitting on my lap in the shade. With beads of sweat trickling down his little face he sighed, “I’m roasted like a marshmallow!” One of the best things about summer is finding fun places...