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T-Roo – the Nomadic Kangaroo

T-Roo – the Nomadic Kangaroo

Hi, I’m T-Roo the nomadic kangaroo and this is my story.

From the day I was born, I knew I was special.

T-Roo has a baby

I have always loved to go off and explore, creating my own adventures.  The other kangaroos did not love adventuring as much as I did, so I hitchhiked all the way from my home in Australia to America by travelling with lots of different families.

T-Roo Hitchhiking

Through my travels I have made a whole lot of new friends!  All these cool families who love to travel like me are all on Trekaroo!

T-Roo with the Rowley's

But I did not stop there.  I am about to start a brand new adventure with the Rowley family on their Troo American Road Trip.  I will be travelling with them for a few days and then I hope to travel with you!


My goal is to make it all the way across the country, and with your help, I think I will be able to achieve this!

T-Roo the Nomadic Kangaroo

I have been a proud Trekarooer since the day I began my travels.  I love travelling with families and kids more than anything, and I am passionate about sharing my advice and experiences with you!

I hope to run into you on my journey.


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T-Roo - the Nomadic Kangaroo 1
T-Roo - the Nomadic Kangaroo 2

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I love hearing from my fans.  You can send me fan mail at t-too[at]trekaroo[dot]com.


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