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Brennan Pang is Co-founder of Trekaroo. He is a father to 2 boys and a girl and loves exploring and adventure travel. A California kid at heart who loves mountaineering, climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. He doesn't love running but does it anyway. He has lived in a hut at a chicken farm in Zimbabwe, gotten amoebic dysentery while paddling a dugout tree in Madagascar, hiked to Everest base camp in winter, chilled with the giant tortoises of the Galapagos, and witnessed a fair number of volcanic eruptions. He spent six months traveling through Central and South America with his family and recently swam with sharks and stingrays in Tahiti. Follow him on instagram at @overdare.
things to do in La Paz Mexico

La Paz, Mexico – Peaceful Adventure in Baja

The first thing that comes to mind when I think Baja, is Cabo San Lucas, the quintessential spring break party town.  Sure, it’s possible to experience the family-friendly side of Cabo, but what’s beyond the all-inclusive resorts?  La Paz, Mexico is what’s beyond those resorts. Take a trip to laid back La Paz, Mexico. La...

Santa Fe with Kids: For Artisans and Adventurers

Ever think of visiting Santa Fe with your kids? Though it may not seem so at first glance, Santa Fe is a wonderfully vibrant place to visit for families with children. With a mild climate all year round and tons of sunshine, Santa Fe is a city steeped in cultural history. It’s a place that...

Thankful for Main Street

We're truly thankful for what's important in life. And I think we can all agree that the people in our lives are most important. Family, friends, and experiences with one another. So this Thanksgiving, Christmas and holiday season, think about gifting experiences and buying locally. What does that mean? Studies on consumption show us that...

Giving back through climbing

“Trekaroo exists to enable families to inspire and equip each other to explore the world.” It’s part of our mission statement. At Trekaroo, we love to travel with our kids, whether it’s the weekend jaunt to the museum, a few hours at a baseball game, or a more extended trip. We also know that travel...

Relief for Haiti – Trekaroo pledges $20 per review

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti. Officials fear more than 100,000 dead in the 7.0 earthquake. Our family sponsors a child in Haiti (Benji, 6 years old) and are hoping for the best.

Melissa Newby at the examiner wrote a ni …

Melissa Newby at the examiner wrote a nice article on travel with kids and trekaroo. http://tinyurl.com/ov49fh

People who "get" family travel

This morning we were written up in an article by Shelly Rivoli at the Examiner.  The most exciting part is that she understands the family travel niche and the needs of our demographic.  Trekaroo was borne out of our own frustration. We found it difficult and time-consuming to find the information we wanted that was...

Onward to a public alpha

We’ll be launching a public alpha version of our site in about a week!  When we flip the site on, it will be available for you to join without an invite code.  You will be able to reach the site at http://www.trekaroo.com.  We’ll keep you posted!
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