Who Should We Donate $500 to? Big City Mountaineers!

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I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  As we all head back to work this morning, I wanted to close out this Thanksgiving holiday by announcing who we’ll be sending $500 to this week.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick catch-up. About a week ago, I shared how “our vision was to build a company that would  help parents explore and travel with kids. But, we didn’t want it to stop there. Travel is a luxury and we know that there are many children around the world who don’t even have their basic needs met. Although, we haven’t made a lot of money this year, we’d like to donate $500 to one of the following organizations. Since all of you Trekaroo families helped us to earn this $500, we’d like you to choose which lucky organization to send our mullah to this Thanksgiving.” (To see which organizations were chosen, go to Who Should We Donate $500 to?)


Between all the holiday preparations, gluttonous Thanksgiving meals,  shopping excursions, and hanging out with friends and families, you all came out in droves to share your vote. It was a close race throughout the weekend between Compassion International and Big City Mountaineers, but as the evening drew to a close Sunday night, Big City Mountaineers pulled into the lead with 44% of the votes and Compassion with 41%. Thank you all for taking the time to vote and also sharing why these different organizations meant a lot to you.

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Congratulations Big City Mountaineers! May these funds help to support your continued efforts in building the next generation of urban youth. We continue to give to Compassion International, IJM, Kiva, and Operation Smile a big thank you for all that they do in making the world a better place for children all around the world.

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  1. Colleen Lanin at Travel Mamas

    What an awesome thing you are doing, Esther! I will have to go check out Big City Mountaineers website.

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