The Troo American Road Trip

What’s the Troo American Family Road Trip?

One mom, six kids, 8,000 miles and a kangaroo named T-roo are on a big family road trip adventure.  Sharon Rowley (momof6) is packing her kids and T-Roo into the Trekaroomobile and embarking on an epic road -trip from New York to Utah exploring the amazing destinations across the western states. Follow along to find out where she’s traveling, get travel tips from the Trekaroo community, and see what crazy exploits T-roo the kangaroo gets up to.  

Troo American Road Trip

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The Troo American Road Trip visits Utah

The Troo American Road Trip visits Wyoming

The Troo American Road Trip Kicks Off

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Road Trip Tip – Are We There Yet?

Meet T-Roo


T-roo’s Adventures:

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Hit the Road

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