Troo American Road Trip goes Mountain Biking on Pikes Peak – Day 19

Today, my two older boys almost outdid their mom on the Saddle Up, Paddle Down adventure with Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours.

The trail ride up the mountain was easy and relaxing, BUT, I was preoccupied with the 18-mile bike ride down with my 2 sons ages 11 &12! The whole way up I was nervous about the downhill journey. You see, I am afraid of heights. I had no idea how I was going to stay on my bike, navigate, and keep track of the two boys at the same time.

We donned our helmets and with trail map in hand, and 18 miles of trail ahead of us, we began to pedal. I was nervous that my boys would be overly aggressive, going faster than I would feel comfortable keeping up with. But as it turned out, they were somewhat cautious and the pace they set was manageable. After a mile or two I started to relax and enjoy the ride and scenery. The trail took us through 4
tunnels, and at one point we had to walk our bikes on a steep trail to cross over a tunnel that had collapsed at some point.

The last 8 miles of the ride were on dirt and paved roads that were shared by cars, and while we all wanted to stop and take more photos along the way- the darkening clouds kept us moving along. We did hit rain in our last 3 miles. It was COLD, but I told the boys to just keep pedaling until we returned back at the bike shop, victorious in our adventure!

Question: Have you find yourself doing things you never thought you’d do just for your kids?”

Troo American Road Trip 2013

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