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Troo American Road Trip: Family Wedding in Ann Arbor, MI – Day 1

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Day 1 – The Troo American Road Trip meets family in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Today is the real “official start” of our road trip – after attending a family wedding in Ann Arbor, MI – my husband is on a plane for home while I am heading West with the kids. Truth be told, I have been quaking inside….. can I really pull this off? I am not feeling so sure! I’ve been trying to remember why I was so excited to plan this trip and what I wanted the kids to experience. After a few miles, I’m starting to feel confident and optimistic again!

There is lots to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan that we just had to skip because we were mainly passing through for a family wedding. Wonder what you might do in Ann Arbor, MI with kids?




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