Troo American Road Trip Encounters the Kindness of Moline, MI – Day 2

Day 2 – The Troo American Road Trip starts out with the Unexpected

Our big TrooTrip didn’t start the way we had planned. In fact, it kind of went off with a bang! While traveling on I-80 in Illinois, the wheel (yes the entire thing!) actually flew off of our van! Apparently when I had my tires rotated last week in preparation for this trip, someone didn’t tighten down the lug nuts properly and our wheel literally came off while we were driving 50+mph. It was a scary event, but fortunately I was able to bring the car to a safe stop, and the flying wheel didn’t hit anyone else. Our situation could have had a much more tragic ending.

Car Breakdown2

But on a good note- this gave us the opportunity to meet some pretty terrific people- the state trooper that stayed with us for 90 minutes to ensure we were safe, the Geico rep who not only secured us a tow, but also transportation for my 6 kids, the tow truck driver and his parents who came in their mini van, the DOT truck driver that actually found my wheel in the cornfield along the side of the road, and brought it to me, and the mechanics at the Sprinter dealership in Moline, Illinois who dropped what they were doing and worked on our car for 3 hours straight to get us back on the road again. The kindness of all of these strangers will not soon be forgotten.

So while the kids were a bit disappointed that we missed hanging out at a water park this afternoon, they were awesome all day long through this ordeal- and after getting some hotel pool time this evening, are ready to get started again tomorrow morning!” ‪#‎trootrip

 Question: What unexpected situations have you had to deal with when traveling?

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