Trekaroo Parent’s Give us the Low Down on Dallas

Texas may be the Lone Star State, but these activities in Dallas-Forth Worth defy this brand with the best of the best reviews from Trekaroo parents.  From the vast and fascinating Dallas World Aquarium to the unique Sixth Floor Museum, there are adventure to be had in Dallas and Trekaroo parents are pointing the way.  Take a look at their top picks:

#1 Voted Activity and the Best Place for Kids to Explore the Aquatic World: Dallas World Aquarium

One step into the doors at Dallas World Aquarium and you will see why it’s a favorite of Trekaroo parents.  “The layout is fantastic and the exhibits are great,” says trekaroo parent startropics.  It’s more than just good design, though; this aquarium knows how to capture a child’s interest: shark feedings!  The aquarium also does a nice job showcasing the less sensational, but equally interesting diversity of aquatic life with  manatees, crocodiles and otters; enough to intrigue any youngster for at least a few hours.  Carmencrano is a repeat visitor who loves the interactive aspects of the aquarium.  “The last time we went my youngest to go feed some of the birds and we atually stood underneath a sloth hanging from the lowlying branch above,” she said.  What more could a child ask for than a close encounter of the sloth kind?

Photo Credit: flickr/texas_mustang

The Best Area for Kids to Explore Nature: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Arboretum may not be filled with play structures or Jedi knights, but parents will be surprised at how the complexities of nature captivate their child’s eager minds, at least for the first hour or two.  Take startropic’s child: “My 3 year old especially loves trying to find little bugs among the plants.”  This is one of those places that is enchanting to parents and children alike and will turn the imaginative engine that makes a kid’s world go ’round.  The arboretum is like a giant canvas for fun.  Trekaroo parent mistry enjoys taking the whole family to the Arboretum for family picnics among the flowers, while bob’s kids enjoy exploring the playhouses.  The imagination is the only limit to fun at the Dallas Arboretum.

Photo Credit: thelees3

The Most Exciting Place for Kids to Investigate and Play: The Museum of Nature and Science

Aspiring paleontologists will demand their pocket vest to excavate fossils underneath a looming T-Rex.  “At the dinosaur exhibit there was a sandy area where the kids could dig for “fossils”.  That lasted for almost an hour of fun!” said Trekaroo mom cdom.  When your kids are done with the Jurassic era, they can move onto the molecular discoveries of Watson’s and Crick’s era and explore the genetic code in the DNA exhibit.  Womanofsalt said this was her son’s favorite.  When nucleic acids have lost their allure, move on to the planetarium and imagine the possibility of life on the exoplanets beyond our solar system.  It’s all in a day’s play at the Museum of Nature and Science.

Photo Credit: Museum of Nature and Science

The Most Interesting Museum for [Older] Kids: Sixth Floor Museum

Dallas has the unfortunate legacy of being the site where John F. Kennedy was tragically assassinated.  The Sixth Floor Museum catalogues the history surrounding this event in the area where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shots.  The material of this museum is not well-suited for the youngsters, but Trekaroo parent Alatkins recommends it as an educational and intriguing outing for the young student of US history.  Carol assures us the museum was “obviously not fun” for her one year old, but found it very interesting and recommends it for an apt audience.  The museum is not all gloom, it also focuses on the life and story of America’s most talked about political family.

Photo Credit: Sixth Floor Museum

The Best Place to Roll Through Train History: The Museum of the American Railroad

It’s a little known fact that the largest number of subscriptions to “Train Aficionados” comes from the 2-10 year-old demographic.  Just take a visit to the Museum of the American Railroad and watch your youngsters dive into the old locomotives and hang on every word of the knowledgeable staff.  Trekaroo parent adf attended a birthday party at this museum and found a jewel of the Dallas children’s scence.  “Very interesting to see the locomotives,” she says.  It’s in a great downtown location so there are plenty of other adventures to be found nearby for your the steam engines in your family with a bottomless tender car.

Photo Credit: Museum of the American Railroad

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