Hot off the Press. Trekaroo Launches Washington DC

With Thanksgiving marking the start of the holidays, did you think that we folks at Trekaroo would be kicking back and working on our holiday travels? As the Obamas get ready to light up the Christmas tree in DC on Thursday, we’re lighting up DC on the Trekaroo map today!

Capitol Fun for Families. Credit: Flickr/ac1982
Capitol Fun for Families. Credit: Flickr/ac1982

Why DC? Well, I always remember the first time that I came here with my parents and younger sister. I didn’t get to meet the President, but being inside the White House and Capitol Hill was like having my history class come to life. I remember being totally bummed because we kept getting lost in our search for the Supreme Court. Although, DC proper is only about 8 miles wide, the region stretches into the outer edges of Maryland and Virginia. With over 100 activities for kids of all ages to enjoy, Trekaroo brings you the District of Columbia – unplugged for kids.

So, what have we got?

Here’s a summary of what the Trekaroo community’s is saying:

Great lists created by the Trekaroo community:

All of these lists have been contributed by DC area mom bloggers for our Trekaroo KidsMobile stop in DC today.  KidsMobile is making a virtual tour of the US with local bloggers jumping on and off.

A special shout-out goes to Max’s Mom, jenc17, carolr, momof4girls, katy, and girlymama for their love of Washington DC and helping us build up DC’s content from the ground-up for this launch. Without them or my com padres at Trekaroo, we’d only be covering the Bay Area. Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million.

See you at a monument,

Esther Lee (thelees3) – CEO

P.S. To kick-off the new year, we’ve got a full line-up of new states to launch including Colorado, Utah, and North Carolina. If you’d like to help us get any of these states or your local area ready for lift-off, please email us at

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  1. Scott

    Nice tips. I’ve never been to DC with my 2-year old daughter before, but those will come in very handy when we decide to take her.

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