Trekaroo KidsMobile Stops in Seattle

Trekaroo’s KidsMobile is starting to chalk up those miles.  We’ve traveled from New York, to Los Angeles, to Chicago and now we’re pulling into

Seattle, Washington

Don’t be fooled by Seattle’s rainy and gloomy reputation, because it is Seattle’s abundant rainfall that make spring, summer and fall lush and green.  Set in Puget sound, this city offers fantastic outdoor recreation.  In the rainy months, Seattle has some world class attractions that families absolutely love. Congrats to the families who helped launch Trekaroo in Seattle today.


Trekaroo’s growing community of families have pitched in with their votes for 2009. Here’s the verdict!

Best Kid-friendly Hotels in Seattle – voted by parents

Best Activities for Kids in Seattle – voted by parents

Seattle is also the hometown for some exceptional moms who are smart, savvy and in the know about what real moms love about Seattle.

Michelle Duffy, better known as Wandermom starts us off with a list of her favorite Seattle Parks and Playgrounds.  Wandermom is truly a travel guru!  Her active family of 4 manages to travel on a budget, spending much time hiking, diving and skiing around the world. She is also the co-author of “Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids“.  Her wealth of helpful tips can be found on her blog: Wandermom!

Carrie, a super energetic mom who lives in the heart of downtown Seattle knows the best Places to Visit with Young Kids in Seattle.  She is the voice behind – Growing a baby in Seattle.  Carrie reviews products and services that urban moms are interested in.  Her reviews are insightful and personable at the same time.  Get her take on some really cool stuff, afterall, Christmas is just around the corner.

Jill Dickinson brings us a list of Stores Moms and Kids love in Seattle who are owned by Momprenuers.  Jill  knows a good idea when she sees it because she’s the author of a book in the writing called “How to Become a Mompreneur”. She has interviewed a multitude of successful mompreneurs, so if you’re toying with a great business idea yourself, head on over to her blog – mombite –  for some inspiration.

Hungry tummies = melt downs.  Mona knows Where to eat in Seattle with Kids In Tow.  Mona is the witty mom of a 3 year old and writes humorously about life as a full-time working mom on her blog – kirida.  Need a good laugh about your predicament as a mom, you could spend hours on her blog (I just did myself – you sucked me in, Mona!)

So where are the locals hanging out? Amy tips us off with  5 Lesser Known Pit Stops in and around the Seattle Area.  Her blog – Pit Stop for Kids – is filled with lots of helpful reviews about places to stop along various road trip routes around the country.  Her mantra:  Getting there should be half the fun!  We couldn’t agree more.

Other Resources for Seattle:

Next stop, the town where the Trekaroo founders first met –  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Go Phillies!

The Trekaroo KidsMobile is a blog carnival with a twist.  It’s designed to provide a unique opportunity for mom and dad bloggers to be featured on Trekaroo while

1) expressing their unique point of view

2) getting a web of link exchanges.

Join us for one of our next stopovers.


LiLing Pang is a contributing author on Trekaroo – a reviews site dedicated to exploring and traveling with kids.
Travel with kids to: CA | FL | HI | MA | NY | PA | TX | VA
and now IL and WA

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LiLing Pang is Co-founder and CEO of Trekaroo . She is a mom to two boys and a girl (13, 11, and 3) currently traveling through Central America. Together with her husband, Brennan Pang, they hatched the idea of Trekaroo one summer day along the California coast while searching for the best kid-friendly tide pool near La Jolla with their curious 2.5 year old.

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