Trekaroo Exclusive: Another Tiger Woods Secret Revealed


As some of you may have noticed, a Trekaroo member named “Tiger Woods” has been writing reviews for various destinations in California, New York and Texas.  If it wasn’t obviously already, this mysterious person is not the real Tiger but is in fact…my husband, who was thrilled to claim the “Tiger Woods” user name on Trekaroo after failing to obtain “” or “”

In light of the news surrounding Tiger this week, my husband feels that it would be appropriate to change his Trekaroo ID to a more “family friendly” user name.  We are appealing to the Trekaroo community to help him re-name his account.  As his wife, I am welcoming any suggestions, as he has otherwise threatened to change his user name to “Jean-Luc Picard.”  Yes, I am married to a Star Trek geek.

– Esther (thelees3)


Esther Lee is a contributing author on Trekaroo – a reviews site dedicated to exploring and traveling with kids.
Travel with kids to: CA | FL | HI | MA | NY | PA | TX | VA
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About the author

Esther Lee is one of the co-founders of Trekaroo. She is also the mom to a 6 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl.
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  1. Linda

    I think it’s a good idea to make the change, but I don’t have a great suggestion. We may just have have to call you Mrs. Picard from now on . . . 🙂

  2. thelees3

    Linda – I have to admit that I was always anti-Star Trek even though I had never watched an episode. However, the Star Trek movie from this summer was so good that I was almost inspired to watch some older episodes.

    – Mrs. Picard

  3. Eduardo

    How about “Tigger”? or, “The Kobayashi Maru formerly known as TW now avoiding trees, fire hydrants, Uchitels and Treknobabble Subspaces now devoted to Stardates with his fam and to treks away from Class M Planets”?

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