Top 5 Tips for Taking the Kids to the Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee just opened. One of our very own, Michelle Carbone (aka Runnergrrrl) went to the grand opening with her husband and 3-year old son and gives it a 5 star (aka Gotta Go!) rating for families.

“Nestled in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, the new Titanic Museum will appeal to everyone in your family!” – To read her full review on the Titanic Museum.

If you’re thinking of taking the kids to check out the Titanic Museum, here are Trekaroo’s top 5 tips:

  1. GO
    Don’t get fooled by the word “museum” and think the Titanic Museum is only for adults. The numerous interactive areas aboard the Titanic Pigeon Forge provide hands-on experiences that are designed to give children a sense of what it might have been like to actually be on board the Titanic in a fun and engaging format. They’ve even got an entire called Tot-Titanic that’s geared for kids 8 and under

  2. Purchase tickets online.
    This is a brand new attraction that’s based on timed entries. The Titanic Museum’s ticket lines are sometimes 3 hours long on the weekend and many of the mid or late afternoon time slots are already sold-out from online sales. Purchase your tickets in advance online at Advance purchase of ticket ensures little or no wait time and immediate entrance to the ship. Weekdays are sometimes not as busy as weekends, but by purchasing tickets in advance, you’ll be able to avoid the lines at all times.

  3. Visit early in the morning or on a weekday
    People are coming from all directions to see this new exhibit, especially on the weekend. To avoid the crowds, try to get there early for a 9am entry or come during the week.

  4. Leave your heavy camera equipment at home
    Photography and video are strictly prohibited in all areas of the Titanic Museum.  If you’re hoping to catch a snapshot on the grand staircase, you can purchase one of those tourist shots with the staircase in the background from the Titanic Museum staff, but you won’t be able to take it with your personal camera. With the hundreds of one-of-a-kind, priceless artifacts, lighting is strictly controlled by the museum to ensure the preservation of the artifacts.

  5. Get the kids excited
    Although everyone will enjoy and learn more about the story of the Titanic at the Titanic Museum regardless of how much or how little they know, we love to get our kids excited by preparing them for a visit. If you have the time to read a book or watch a movie with the kids beforehand, these are some resources we recommend:

Boats by Bryon Barton (Ages 0-3)

This picture board book teaches our youngest readers about all types of boats. There’s no Titanic in this book, but it’ll teach them about boats!

The Titanic: Lost and Found and DK Readers: The Titanic (Ages 4-8)

These two stage 3 readers are good nonfiction books on the Titanic for kids moving beyond the beginner reading stage.

Inside the Titanic (A Huge Cutaway Book) (Ages 4-8)

This big picture book gives younger kids an inside look at the Titanic ocean liner, such as the compartments, engine room, upper decks, and more, through detailed, cutaway illustrations. Great for future engineers and mechanics.

Polar, the Titanic Bear (Ages 7-12)

A true story about Polar, the stuffed polar bear of Douglas Spedden, a 6-year old boy who abroad the Titanic and was one of its survivors. A digital version of Polar can be found in the Titanic Museum in the Tot-Tanic section for those who read this story.

Titanic (the novel by James Cameron) and Titanic (the movie) (Ages 12 and up)

While based on fictional characters, the book and movie were historically accurate in many ways and a great way to get your arms around the story before visiting the museum.  (James Cameron is close friends with John, the owner of the Titanic Museum).

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