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SEALIFE Aquarium Kansas City

Kansas City’s Kid Friendly Attractions

In case art, museums, architecture, fountains, and theater don’t thrill you or your little ones, here’s a wider variety of kid-friendly best bets to check out in Kansas City.

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Warwick Castle UK

A Hop “Across the Pond” – 5 Great Things to do in London and the Surrounding area!

One of the perks of being married to a Brit is the occasional trip to England to visit family. Here is a slightly more “insider” view of 5 things we did with our 5-year-old son on our last trip to London.

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SEALIFE Aquarium (197x99)

Shark Week: 5 Aquariums to Get Up Close & Personal with Sharks

Sure, you’ll find lots of great shows and videos during Shark Week, like “Sharkzilla” and “Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites,” but why not get off the couch, grab the kids and head to your local aquarium for shark-themed festivities!

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