Pet Travel
kid friendly Carmel With Kids and Pets Photo by Kristined

Kid-Friendly Carmel (and Dog-Friendly Too)

There are so many things to take care of before the family sets off on a trip; stop the newspaper, water the plants, find a sitter for your pets, and numerous other errands. But what if there was one thing you could take off that checklist altogether? Why get a pet sitter when you can...

Take the Kids and Dog To Mendocino

Coastal bluffs, rugged coastline, and dramatic views surround the charming town of Mendocino.  The ocean air spills onto acres of wild flowers and into the streets of the tiny hamlet...

Taking the Dog Along: The Benefits and a Few Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Taking the dog along on family travel adventures adds a layer of fun and a world of experiences that you won’t find among the strictly human population. Before you set off to forge new adventures with your pet though, there are some things to consider.