Exciting New Additions to Trekaroo!

There have been some exiting new additions to the Trekaroo family this summer! No, there haven’t been any newborn additions to my household. That ship has sailed my friends! However, there have been some exciting promotions and additions to the Trekaroo team as we continue to grow as an organization dedicated to helping parents travel...

Kick Off 2012 with Troo Compassion

As a community of traveling families, please join us in kicking off 2012 by reaffirming our commitment to show "Troo Compassion" as we continue to explore and travel with our kids. In that spirit, we start the year with our 5 for $25 fundraising opportunity.
Happy Anniversary, Trekaroo!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Can you believe that Trekaroo is turning one year old?!?! Let's break out the champagne (ginger ale for the pregnant moms) and some cupcakes for adults and kids alike. To start, I'd like to propose a toast to the following.