Top 10 Things To Do in Philadelphia With Kids

The city of Philadelphia offers up plenty of great places to visit, discover, learn, be entertained, and make memories. Here are our recommendations for the Top 10 things for families to do in Philadelphia, along with super tips on spots to dine, stay, and day trip.

Visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, for Family Fun on the Farm

At ages seven and eight, my well-traveled kids have made it clear to me what they like to do on vacation. They want a place to play — preferably with a few water slides, roller coasters, and plenty of ice cream. And, they’d like for me to play with them, at least until I tire...
Strasburg Pennsylvania Railroad

Family Friendly Day Trips in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I’ve lived in York County most of my life and I never realized just how much there was to do in the Lancaster area, which is only about a 45 minute drive from home. With many attractions reasonably priced it is the perfect destination for families and we enjoyed having the opportunity to explore many...