Georgia Aquarium

Top 10 Things To Do in Atlanta, Georgia with Kids

Whether you are seeking a walk through history, animal encounters, or the best southern cuisine in Dixie, Atlanta delivers, dripping with southern hospitality and charm. Enjoy these top 10 things to do in Atlanta for families, in addition to a few tips about where to eat, stay, and venture past the city.
SeaWorld Orlando Educational Animal Encounters

Best Educational Animal Encounters For Families In and Around Florida

Animal encounters can be the high-light of a family vacation. From seeing animals in their natural habitat, to up-close and personal encounters, these unique first-hand experiences make vacations memorable and shhhhh...also educational!

Shark Week: 5 Aquariums to Get Up Close & Personal with Sharks

Sure, you’ll find lots of great shows and videos during Shark Week, like “Sharkzilla” and “Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites,” but why not get off the couch, grab the kids and head to your local aquarium for shark-themed festivities!