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One of the great things about living in the US is that we are such a heterogeneous society.  I love that we live in a country where so many people from different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds can live together in peace.  When raising our children, it is important to make sure that they not only value their cultural background, but that they learn about and appreciate other cultures as well. I am always excited to expose my children to a new culture, whether it be through food, a museum exhibit, or personal interaction.  Lydie, one of our Trekaroo Superoos , put together some fantastic lists

Today I would like to spotlight an experience from each of the lists with the hope that you will follow the links to see what other great ideas Lydie has listed.  Lets get started with LA!

In Los Angeles attend the Los Angeles Greek Festival. Lydie says:  “The Greek Festival is held every year in September and you will have to check the calendar for the exact date. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover the Greek culture and food without having to endure a long flight. There are lots of activities for children to enjoy as well as a separate play area where they can have fun.”  Want to see what else is on the list? Check out Los Angeles Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

In Washington DC don’t miss the Freer & Sackler Galleries.  Lydie says “This is the place to go to embrace Asian culture in Washington DC.  Do not miss the ImaginAsia events held on a regular basis. They will help children understand the Asian culture by participating in projects and activities.”  Want to see what else is on the list? Check out Washington DC Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

In San Francisco be sure to visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Lydie says “This is actually one of my favorite museums in San Francisco. They have wonderful temporary exhibitions that will make you fall in love with the Jewish culture.”  Want to see what else is on the list? Check out San Francisco Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

In Texas take the time to see The Women’s Museum, an Institiute for the Future. Lydie says “The exhibition ‘Freedom’s Sisters’ is running till July 4, 2010 will showcase the stories of Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks and many more. Young girls of any race will feel empowered by their visit.”  Want to see what else is on the list? Check out Texas Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

No visit to New York City is complete without seeing the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Lydie says  “Ellis Island was the last step for European immigrants and the last wait before entering the United States in quest for a better life. By visiting this museum, children will have a better understanding of what Irish, British, Polish, German, French and others endured in the quest for a better life.” Want to see what else is on the list? Check out New York City Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

In Pennsylvania visit Amish Village. Lydie says: “You will get an insider’s view on how the Amish work and live. You will see the blacksmith shop, a central shop in the Amish culture, the livestock, the smokehouse, the village store etc and you will leave with a better understanding of their culture.” Want to see what else is on the list? Check out Pennsylvania Cross Cultural Experiences for Kids.

We hope these lists will inspire your family to explore a different culture. Now lets see where these bloggers and Trekaroo friends have been exploring lately…

Let’s see where the spotlight shines this week!


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    Thanks for the great list! This week I shared a cross cultural adventure that’s on my bucket list.

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