Ricardo Elite Lightweight Suitcase

We recently tried the new Ricardo Elite Crystal City lightweight wheeled suitcase.It is an expandable, hard sided fashionable suitcase in black with 360 degree mobility. It is so easy to drag and spin.The pull-handle system is ergonomically designed and can be locked to your height for extra comfort. There are 2 compartments which make packing and staying organized a breeze. Additionally, there is a 3-1-1 bag for carry-on travel ease at airport security.

As he has recently joined a travel basketball team my 10 year old son has been doing his share of weekend travel in addition to our family jaunts. He has fallen in love with this suitcase and would like to claim it for his own. He and I are battling over who will pack into this case for our upcoming trip to Disneyworld. I am inclined to go out and buy a few more for the rest of us.

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Michelle Brennan is and her husband are Yankee born and raised and are loving life as they raise their 3 children in New England. They love to learn through travel and head out on excursions whenever possible.The suitcases are always packed....literally!!!!

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