Review of the Vivitar Full HD Action Camera

My kids are active kids. Swimming in the pool and riding the waves at the beach are some of their favorite things to do. I love to catch the action but I’m usually paranoid to take my camera or phone to either location for fear of water or sand infecting the delicate technology.

On our recent trip to Morro Bay, I stuck the Vivitar Full HD Action Camera in my back pocket and pulled it out often to capture the fun of flying kites, running in the waves, and playing in the sand. With the waterproof casing, I wasn’t worried about dropping it in the water or getting sand in the lens. What I captured was the fun of a sunny day and memories we can watch together.

Vivitar Full HD Action Camera

What was GREAT:

  • Small size – fit in my back pocket even with the waterproof case
  • Waterproof case – Underwater video and protection from the elements (like sand and water at the beach)
  • 1 button turn on, 1 button to start video recording
  • Secure bike mount (included)
  • Vehicle mounted mode – a continuous recording option that saves videos in 5 minute segments. If the card fills up, the camera erases the oldest video first.
  • Digital 4x zoom
  • Inexpensive price ($40-50)

There were times when I honestly DID NOT like the camera. When we were kayaking, I wanted to take some photos, but in order to do so I had to take off the waterproof case (which hurt my fingers and was very tight) and then use the touch screen to scroll through 2 options to choose photos. The screen was very difficult to read in the cloudy sunshine. When I was in the photo setting, it automatically chose the 5m option (lowest quality) photo so in order to get a better photo I had to use the touch screen again (if I could see the option!)

What was NOT GREAT:

  • Tight waterproof case – very difficult to unsnap the hinge
  • Muffled audio recording with the waterproof case on
  • No wrist strap
  • 1 reviewer out of 2 had difficulty securing the helmet mount which made for wobbly recordings
  • Difficult to read and use touch screen especially in outdoor lighting
  • Inability to change function (from video to photo) while using the waterproof case
  • Camera settings return to video each time the camera is turned off then on again
  • Photo setting returns to poor image (5m) every time the camera is turned off and then on again
  • Camera is charged only through AC adaptor; no backup battery
  • Very difficult to remove micro SD card
  • Zoom option is on the touch screen which can be difficult to use


Bottom Line: This camera is a great option for families on a budget who want to take videos in settings that could damage other cameras or phones. At a $40-50 price range, it is a great choice over other high end and high price action cameras. It is very small and easy to carry in a pocket and the helmet and bike mount make it fun for capturing live action. The waterproof casing makes underwater shots easy and safe although the muffling of the audio is a drawback.


Vivitar Full HD Action Camera

12.1 Megapixel Digital Sports Camcorder

Full HD 1080p

4x Digital Zoom

2.4’ Touch Screen with Preview screen

Waterproof Casing included

Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery (AC charger included)

Mount Accessories – bicycle mount & helmet mount

Remote Control

Class 4 or higher Micro SD memory card is required but not included.

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