Review of Vasque Kid’s Hiking Boots

If you are looking for a pair of waterproof kids hiking books that offer both comfort and quality, then take a look at a pair of Vasque hiking books for kids.

Vasque kids hiking shoes

My family spends lots of time outside, especially when we travel. We like to encourage our children to enjoy an active lifestyle and an appreciation for nature so frequently hit the trails, both locally and on vacation.  This summer, I am taking my kids on a 3 week trip to the Pacific Northwest, including Olympic National Park, which means they are going to need hiking shoes that will provide great traction while keep their feet dry.

Vasque footwear is most commonly known for making high quality (and highly rated) hiking, trail running, and multi-sport shoes for men and women.  Recently, I discovered that they also make shoes for kids! What I love most about the Vasque kid’s shoes is that they are essentially miniature versions of some of the most popular adult styles. Hey- if it ain’t broke, why fix it?  After all, kids tend to do more running, climbing, and exploring than adults so why not give them the top quality design and function that we expect in our shoes?

Since I was in the market for waterproof hiking boots, I chose the Vasque Breeze hiking boots for my son.  I loved that since there was an adult version in store, I could try them out myself to feel what my son was feeling. He is only 4 not always the best at communicating his needs.  I found them to be comfortable and my son had no complaints so we decided to give them a go.

I had my son test out his shoes in Palm Canyon, a palm shaded hiking spot in Palm Springs. The hike involved walking down a steep hill, uneven terrain, climbing on rocks, and a stream crossing. The Vasque Breeze passed all of our tests. My son loved his new shoes and never complained about discomfort or blisters which are common when breaking in new hiking shoes.  His feet stayed dry in the stream even when his sister’s feet got soaked while wearing his hand me down “waterproof” hiking boots.

Running kids


  •  Boots are high top, providing ankle support for kids as they climb and hike on uneven terrain
  •  The boots are waterproof but still breathable.
  • Provide great traction, even on sandy and steep locations
  • Comfortable, no complaints of sore feet or blisters
  •  Shoes look like (and act like) mom and dad’s


  • There are no toddler sizes, only kid’s sizes
  •  $65.00 price tag may not fit some budgets considering how fast kid’s feet grow.  That being said, families with multiple children will appreciate that these shoes are durable and unisex, which means more than one child could wear them.


Bottomline: Given all the pros, I would definitely recommend these boots. I plan on sticking with the Vasque brand for future hiking boot purchases. The price is higher than I would normally pay, but given their durability and unisex style, I know I can have both of my children use these shoes, extending my dollar.


Disclosure: This reviewer received a complimentary product in order to complete the review. The company did not ask that any specific opinions be expressed and all opinions are the unbiased views of the reviewer.



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