Review of the Transpack ski gear boot backpacks

Every member of your family has an entire stack of ski or snowboard gear, right? (Right!) And if you have young kids, you might have trouble convincing them to carry all this gear from the car to the lodge, right? (Right!) This is where Transpack gear bags come in. Protect your investment in ski gear and boots for your kids, keep everything organized, and ensure stress-free, whine-free commutes to the lodge!

As a long-time skiing family, we always advocate teaching kids to carry their own gear. But that’s hard to do with boot bags that are too big, fall of your child’s shoulder, or bounce against their legs. Transpack backpacks are sized to actually fit young children, are very comfortable, and use an ingenius design to evenly distribute the weight of your kids’ ski boots and gear. The bags are made of high quality ballistic nylon, include lots of interior pockets for keeping things organized, and have dedicated boot pockets with drain holes. The bags are waterproof and pretty much rip-proof, as far as we can tell! Best of all, they come in adult sizes, too. Everyone, from my teens to my elementary school-aged son to my husband has found a Transpack bag that works great for him.

The kids’ Edge Jr bags are affordable at under $50, and even the highest end adult models can be found for under $100. I definitely recommend the investment in Transpack for the whole family. You won’t need new bags for a very long time!

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