Review of Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller

The name Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport sounds more like an off-road vehicle than a jogging stroller. As such, this stroller challenges parents to “seek adventure” with little ones in tow.   In fact, the Tike Tech All Terrain X3Sport stroller touts off-road capabilities while maintaining sleek agility.

Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller

So can parents really explore off-road while toting kiddos in a stroller?   My 3 year old and I tested Tike Tech’s off-orad and agility claims while pushing (me) and riding (my 3 year old) in a re-engineered, re-designed-, and re-tooled All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller.


Assembly was easy enough; just unfold the stroller’s body and attach the wheels and mud guard.  After attaching the wheels, I immediately noticed that they seemed unbalanced and wobbly.  Luckily my mechanically minded hubby was able to correct this problem by lubing the axle, then adjusting the axle through the wheel so it was centered better.


  • Adjustable Handle Bar – The handle bar height is easily adjustable and ideal for tall Mommies and Daddies.  I am 5’11” and my hubby is 6’5” and we were each able to adjust the handle bar to a comfortable height.   I did note that my tall hubby did have to max out the positioning to fit his height.
  • Substantial Canopy – The Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport has a large curved canopy that protects your child from rain and blocks wind from their face.    The canopy has a small top window that can be opened so you can look down to see your child.
  • Suspension – Those IFD Shox aren’t just there to look cool; they actually work.   When asked, my preschooler proclaimed that the ride was smooth, especially going over sidewalk curbs and gravel surfaces.
  • Storage – The stroller has two storage compartments; a smaller pocket located in the back of the seat, and a large storage basket under the seat.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable Seat – I love that the seat is padded providing extra comfort and insulation from the cold.
  • Easy to fold – There are no awkward stiff buttons to push when folding up this stroller.   Instead, the folding mechanisms are easily pulled up.
  • Add-on accessories – I love that this stroller can adapt to individual needs by offering add-on accessories such as car seat adaptors, drink holders, and stroller covers.


  • Limited foot rest space – Bigger kids don’t have much level space to rest their feet while riding.
  • Difficult to turn –In order to make a tight turn, the driver must lift the front tire by pressing down on the handle bar, allowing the stroller to pivot on the two back tires.   I found that the stroller beefed up suspension system actually hinders the ability of the driver to lift the front tire (since the pushing down force is actually absorbed by the suspension).
  • The mud guard is plastic and only held on by one screw.  I believe it will only be a matter of time before it falls off since my bigger preschooler often rests her feet on this mud guard due to the stroller’s lack of foot rest space.
  • Non-solid tires – The stroller’s tires are similar to a 16” knobby mountain bike tire.   Since this stroller is capable of off-road use, it will also be subject to more tire-puncturing stickers.   I plan on investing in high quality slime tubes in order to mitigate flat tires while on the trails.
  • Bulky even when folded up.  The stroller comes with a separate strap to tightly hold the folded stroller together while transporting.   I don’t like this extra step, so luckily the cargo area in my large SUV can hold the unstrapped folded stroller.  However, smaller vehicle cargo areas will require the extra step in order to tightly strap together the folded stroller.


  • The Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport claims to “glide effortlessly over all types of terrain.”  My preschooler and I both agreed that this stroller does live up to this claim. While running, I could feel the absorption impact of the stroller’s suspension system.  My 3 year old tested the stroller’s suspension by singing, “ahhhhhhhhhhh” while riding along.  I can attest that her “ahhhh” murmurs sounded quite smooth, and non-jarring.
  • The Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport claims to “handle all your outdoor pursuits.”  Okay, I have to admit this claim is much too broad and far-fetched.  There is no way this stroller is capable of tackling narrow, twisty, un-groomed trails – invest in a good child carrier backpack for these types of trails.  However, I do appreciate that the X3 stroller allows me to step off the pavement and enjoy nature along gravel roads, and wide dirt pathways.
  • The Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport claims to maintain the “sleek agility of a street jogger”.  The stroller is sleek, good looking, and runs smoothly along all sorts of varied terrain.  However, I believe the suspension system actually hinders the stroller’s ability to remain agile since lifting the front wheel for tight pivot turns is more difficult with the enhanced suspension.  If agility is most important to you, consider Tike Tech’s CityX3 strollers, which offer tires that swivel.


So does this stroller stand up to its claims of off-road capabilities while maintaining sleek agility?  Yes and no.  The stroller’s enhanced suspension does make it ideal for varied terrain allowing parents to step off the pavement while still delivering a smooth ride to their kiddos in tow.   However, this same suspension makes the stroller more difficult to turn, reducing its agility.   So in summary, the Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport does allow parents to seek adventure off-road; just stay clear of narrow winding trails that require more agility.


I received a complimentary stroller from Tike Tech in order to facilitate this review on behalf of Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.



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